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Click on the NuVet flyer below for all supplement info.

Be sure to give my Breeder referral ID #521409 when ordering as you will receive special breeder pricing when you sign up for an autoship.

I have been using this product for quite some time and am now excited to share the benefits of this product with you all.

All of our dogs here are on both NuVet Plus & NuJoint Plus.

​We also start all of our puppies on Nu-Vet plus powder at 4 weeks of age. It supports and strengthens their growth as their bodies are growing at a rapid rate the first year of life. 

Also, the transition from us to you can be stressful.  This product sets them up to make this transition easier for you. 

Since starting to use this product our dogs and pups they have gained a stronger immune system, improved behavior,  better skin and coat health, more stable digestion system and much more.

Once we started using the Joint supplement we noticed that our dogs were having better bone development, had quicker recover to minor strains, a stronger more balanced structure and higher/better testing results. 

I would never raise another dog without the joint supplement. 

It is my hope as you implement these supplements into your dogs life that you will also  notice the huge benefits to having these on board. 

You can order directly online

Remember to use my breeder referral ID #521409 when ordering. 

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