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Welcome to the big wide world my gorgeous wee Flowers!

10 perfectly perfect Meiko pups graced us with their presence yesterday.

She blessed me with a daytime birth and the quickest and easiest birth to date, all under 3 hrs. total.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you all the 'Flower Litter'!

The Girls The Boys

Poppy - Female - Red - 14.4 oz Rhododendron -(Rhodi) - Male - Black - 14.0 oz

Buttercup - Female - Yellow - 13.5 oz Aster - Male - Brown - 14.9 oz

Petunia - Female - Pink - 15.5 oz Bluebell - Male - Blue - 15.4 oz

Azalea - Female - Purple - 14.2 oz Snowdrop - Male - Grey - 14.7 oz

Lily - Female - White - 14.0 oz Zinnia - (Zin) - Male - Green - 14.3 oz

Each darling beautiful pup showed up squeaking wiggily and full of life. Meiko was a rock star through the whole thing. I kept the food rolling in, turkey, rice and ice cream (for calcium & sugar) and she did the rest. Smiles for miles throughout the whole process.

All the babes were instantly nursing on their own as Meiko was circling and pulling them all into the center. This process astounds me every time. Her body never leaves the floor. She pulls herself around in the circle rounding all the pups up so they stay consistently in the middle of the box. If she wants to get to her water or food bowl, again, she scootches and pulls herself over to it but her belly never leaves the ground. It's what a good mama does to avoid laying on one of the pups. It's incredible to watch this instinctual behavior take place.

The other dogs had a strictly outdoor only day yesterday to give Meiko her space to bring all these pups quietly into this world. They kept peeking their heads into the side window knowing full well that new life was just on the other side. It was if they were saying "I want to meet the new babes right now! No? Ok fine, I'll have a cheeseburger and fries then!" So Darling! Once they knew they weren't allowed to come in yet, they laid down right underneath the window to be as close to Meiko and her new arrives as possible.

Isla and Leia still buddy up most of the time and romp and roll in a blur. You can't tell where one ends and the other one begins. Sweet peaceful Tonka plays for a spell and then then is happy to observe off to the side soaking up the sunshine.

Sola has gained her figure back perfectly by now and her energy is also back full force. She'll join in on the tussle and bustle of playtime but she also is content to lay in the sunshine along side Tonka. They have become a very in unison pack.

The warmth of these summer days is so welcoming but I can feel them blowing past me every moment. Planning for more Sola pups in the fall and celebrating Isla's 1st litter of pups also around the same time draws me to the winter months as well.

So looking forward to working with these 10 new 'Flower' Families but also with all the families who are on board with me eagerly awaiting these upcoming Sola & Isla litters. New stories to learn, hearts to mend, chapters to write, dreams to fulfill, smiles to help create and more homes I am blessed to have the opportunity to fill.

Last night I lay watching the new pups wiggle and crawl around in a huge heap and had a hard time falling asleep. So memorized by every litter that shows up. Wrinkles in white fur, ears all snug and tightly closed, big tummies being filled, squeaks and squeals filling the air and absolute pride gleaming from Meiko's eyes. She adores what she does and I know her passion for this is equal to mine. The next 8 weeks is going to be extremely busy but filled with immense joy and excitement from so many. I am ecstatic I get to be part of so many stories this time round!

****Reminder**** Huge Hoekema Homestead Reunion next weekend!

Where - Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park

Address - 6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA 98052

When - Sat. July 22nd @ Noon

Who - Anyone who has a Hoekema Homestead pup of their own, is in line for one of our new pups, is interested in one of our pups or really whoever wants to come and just get some extra cream 'glitter' on their pants!

Please come and meet so many great pups and get the chance to chat with some amazing families. I have incredible people in my extended Fur Family that love to connect with others and share their stories.

I look forward to seeing you all of you and your beautiful all grown up pups!

Take care everyone! all our love from Sola, Meiko, Isla, Leia, Tonka and the 10 Flower babies


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