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New pack dynamics

The air is thinner... oddly unsettled but somehow in ways feeling.. thicker in that thin way. The page in between chapters where there's an invisible and tenuous 3rd space.  

The squirrels are thoroughly confused as taunting the fence line is no longer working, they retreat to sit in a nearby tree simply chattering to themselves. 

The energy has definitely shifted around here with Sola no longer part of our pack. Whenever a dog is introduced or removed, in this instance, the pack energy and dynamics shift. None of this in a negative fashion whatsoever, only different, something to adjust to. This will come in for time and has already gotten better as the days work into a week. 

I am completely at peace and adore the new home she is now in. 

The transition went smoother than hoped for and blossoming friendships were very apparent. My heart soared. I look forward to hearing how much she will sink her sweetness into the lives of her new family. 

The photos I've already received are amazing.  From hoarding ALL the novelty balls on the first day to only days later giving up possession of them to her new fur friend to gain trust makes me know with full confidence that she is indeed .... home. 


So as Meiko sits a top of her favorite stump slumped to the side, soaking up the sunshine, the other 3 run, roll and chase each other relentlessly. I am sure all 4 of them are also very aware of the shift around here but don't seem 'off' or affected in a negative way which I am immensely grateful for.

The energy level has been brought down a couple of notches as Sola definitely brought active pizazz to the pack in so many ways. It's oddly quiet and tranquil around here. Isla steals away from the game of chase and takes advantage of my newly free hand to sneak under. Checking in on me? Or asking for some extra attention for herself..? Knowing her, it's probably a bit of both.  Meiko's paw behind me hits my back reminding me that I have another free hand that is required to be on her at all times. Talk about a dog that 'shapes' her owner. I cave every time. 

These warmer days have been glorious and allowing us all to be out for much longer recently. All the dogs are suckers for the sunspots in the yard or on top of their spools. They lay out contently like it's midsummer squinting directly up into the sunshine worshiping the warmth. I work in the surrounding gardens catching up on the winter slumber of all the sleeping plants. The crocuses, rhubarb and buds on the fruit trees are very much awake now and screaming up to the heavens for more warmth. Time to catch up on everything around here before the next rush of pups.

The term 'glowing' very much holds true. With a golden in the spring sunshine it also brings a whole new level to this saying AND a prego golden just brings it up even further!  Meiko is definitely glowing.  

She sits a top her stump, the highest point in the yard in all her gorgeous glory.  She is taking her new 'queen of the land' role very seriously.  Surveying her surroundings as if she's watching out for something but we all know she's just basking in the sunshine.   

The tell-tale sign of wee ones on the way is the side belly 'fur flip'  which is very apparent at this point.  Her ultrasound confirms this with images of dancing peanuts and growing nuggets.  By next week I should have the much anticipated belly bump photos to show you all.  Half way there mama, half way there families.  

I very much look forward to the smell of new squishy squashy potatoes in the air once again and the sounds of squeaky wee ones in the nursery soon. I miss the 'buzz' of energy that new life brings, that heightened state of anticipation to go spend time with these magical little beings. 

Above all though I look forward to filling more homes with these amazing creatures. Healing hearts,  fulfilling dreams, bringing back smiles, helping to make new magic and bringing furry joy back into empty spaces. 


Homes that are eerily quiet for too long, hearts that have been broken too hard,  dreams finally being created and plans falling into place.  Eager hands waiting to put into play the skills they've learned from the endless hours of research that have been had. Tattered corners of pages in books being turned over from 'what to expect from your new puppy' wondering if this page will be something they should note. Not feeling certain but desperately wanting the reality of it all. Giddy children feeling as if Christmas morning is right around the corner... or perhaps it's the adults with the itchy anticipation.  

I am grateful to be part of it all and to have the opportunity to be part of the beginning of so many precious journeys.

More stories were shared with me this week and chapters of lives were told.  Moments where hearts stopped finding out heart breaking news or better yet sharing with me the excitement of the forever dream finally coming true.  

I am grateful for every new family I brought into this amazing extended fur flying family this week and am simply honored to add to your lives this summer. 


So for now my nooks and crannies of time get filled.

Drawers get re-stocked, nurseries get thoroughly scrubbed down from top to bottom, facilities get a once over. All the dogs get extra grooming attention, new toys are added to the fun of the yard, pre breeding vet appointments and testing are made and tons of extra playtime with all the dogs is clocked in by the hours.  Not to mention of course spoiling my kiddos,  tending to my home and property and taking some much appreciated me time.


From my pack to yours,  stay well,  stay healthy, capture every moment of happiness around you and keep those dreams a coming of a little extra fur in your home oh so very soon.


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