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My life as an Octopus

This morning still under the heavy blanket of the wee morning hours, I let the dogs out in a flurry of fluff and they scatter in every direction. Meiko boomerangs back to me quickly, Sola rolls under my hand belly up, and Isla and Leia try their best to check in with me with a quick flash as they fly around burning off their wiggles from the night.

So much at once, forwards, backwards, and in between my legs... oh Hi Leia. My hand scratches a chin,… oh a different chin, a different head, Isla, … nope, now Sola. My leg is heavy as a lean takes place as my arms try to keep up scratching a rump or behind an ear, a head or a flank. A face rests in one hand as another head gets forced under my other hand.

I feel like an octopus, this creature that is diverse, creative, impressively adaptable, stretching her limbs in all sorts of directions to meet needs and fulfill life and love. They have 5 million neurons, with two-thirds of those distributed among the tentacles. This efficient setup allows each tentacle to act semi-independently while receiving orders from the central brain.

She is a creature that does.

She moves.

She reaches out in every direction, all at once. Efficiently, effectively.

She uses both strategy and intuition equally. She inspires us to move forward creatively, regenerate, seek and experience more of the life we want. She reminds us to loosen up, relax, go with the flow of things and be a touch more flexible while we move toward with our dreams in what might be unorthodox that we can be surprised that things not only turn out, but often turn out better than we had ever expected. You can leap into the big unknown and swim just fine, there is plenty of water to support you.

Walk. Run. Leap. Swim. Frolic, Romp, Twist, turn and spin.

But simply, move toward it.

Yes, I feel like an octopus. I want to be more like an octopus as I reach out to everyone and everything in my current moments, past, and future. I strive to move a little further, a little more, a little past my comfort level each and every day. I adapt and improve.

Ok enough about the octopus!

Along with this mash up of updated pictures of all the girls, an update on Sola...

Sola is doing fabulous. I peeked in on the babies just the other day and the little beans are very much there showing up on my screen despite the glare from this glorious sunshine that has been upon us.

The dogs love the heat and sit there begging for more. Sola is a cling on this week, leaning on my leg, demanding attention and staying with me as the other dogs munch up all the teeny tiny little pine cones being blown in from the wind storm the night before. No more organics dogs!!

I wait for first signs on the belly bump to pop out, won’t happen until the 35th day or so. The line of feathers along the bottom of her body will be the first ones to fly out. The curves widen and everything curls up in anticipation of making room for that growing belly.

She’s content, happy and loving every day.

There was a couple of days this week that the sunshine was so warm that I lay in the dog yard with the dogs just melting into the ground. We lay there together just soaking up the warmth without having to reach out figuratively or literally.

But just like my arms, my heart is also truly in every direction all at once as well. I reach back. The reindeer pups thrive, grow and go through little challenges here and there. I am there for it all for support, ideas and encouragement. Their group chat continues to be fed with all sorts of ideas, questions, moments of challenges and shared photos as each pup crosses their 4 mth. Mark. They are beautiful, over the top stunning. I didn’t expect anything less, but I love seeing updated photos of them at every stage as they grow.

I continue to upgrade my website, added new profile pictures for all the dogs, color changes here and there and a new front page is in the making so stay tuned for that. Always something to improve. I also went through all my letters that go out to families and pick away and add details that were missing or could be shifted a bit. The excitement for this next litter of pups is high. The days seem to blow by before I even have a moment to add a new thought to my day. It’ll be here before we know it.

Meiko is always happy as ever, Leia is flaunting her beauty at every chance she can get and Isla is majestic and as sweet as ever. She’s had a few visitors this week melting their hearts and taking names. Her pups are going to be amazing and will light up a whole litter of families holidays later this year. People are eagerly awaiting these pups. So exciting! Meiko pups in between of course that are going to bless a lot of hearts and a lot of homes.

Hang tight my Sola families for the weeks ahead for Belly Bump pics. coming soon! To everyone else, dream big, keep the future in sight and buy a few extra toys for those babies coming into your life a bit later this summer.

Reach out everyone. Spread your arms for those that need it. Push what you know, do what you love, trust your intuition, and keep moving. Relax through it all the best you can as you move, accept, adapt, strive further and beyond.

and simply, be more like an octopus.


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