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Mountain pups head home

And just like that,  3 stories have begun,  3 families lives will be changed forever.  Hearts will expand beyond what they thought possible.  Souls will connect in a way they weren't ready for.  They will gravitate towards these darling creatures as their energy is irresistible. 

All pups got cleared by my vet to go home with flying colors and brightened the office from one end to the next. Very successful Field Trip!

They all got baths before heading home and melted right into me as they soaked up the extra love and warm water. Their crazy amazing curls came out in full force. They were ready to head home.

So in the blink of an eye,  my gorgeous Mountain pups have now moved on to where they belong.  In the arms of whom have waited for these exact pups for so long. Faces to kiss,  laps to warm,  and children to snuggle with. 

These are the moments I work up to, the moments why I do what I do.  To watch the magic happen as I pass these babies over to eagerly awaiting arms. 

The moment they thought they were ready for and watching the 'flip' in their hearts that they certainly weren't prepared for at all.  They melt,  they are washed with the magic of a puppy.  

Everest is now MacKenzie Blue aka Mack and is going to try desperately to win over his older brother Rocky.  

Andes is now Mountain Whitewolf aka Maikoh and is welcomed with open paws from his bigger brother Yona.

McKinley is now Whispering Willow aka Willow and is surrounded by 3 sets of children's arms all eagerly waiting to run and play with this darling sweet girl. 

Knowing this is Sola's last chapter in my story my heart is torn in 2 different directions.  So proud of the gorgeous pups she was able to pass along but a bit tight knowing that my book here with her is closing soon.  

This is one of the more challenging steps I will have to take but one that is necessary to continue on with what I do here at the level my heart leads me to do it at.  

Sola will go on to be spoiled like she deserves. To run and romp for miles like I know she loves. Knowing this, I am at peace and my heart is settled.  

It's photos like these that hit hard knowing she has absolutely adored being a mama. I focus on her future though and know without a doubt she is going to be immensely loved and where she is truly is meant to be for her forever years ahead.  

So I give these Mountain pups huge hugs and kisses out the door also knowing they are exactly where they are supposed to be.  

Love hard darlings.  Play harder but remember when to be gentle.  Kiss often.  Snuggle constantly.  Listen the best you can. Be there in the happy moments,  be there in the moments of sorrow.  Please don't bark at squirrels. Please don't eat too many sticks and pine cones. Don't eat rocks.  Teach your people to live in the moment. Teach them to dance on the beach like no one is watching.  Show them what it means to be truly loyal. Teach them how to greet those you love like they have been gone for years.  Connect often.  Be aware.  Do your best with what you know.  Get your people outside to show them the wonders of the world. Sink your toes into the earth and sand and teach your people to do the same.  You'll do great,  truly immensely great, I have no doubt.  I'll miss you but I know you are with phenomenal families that will stay in touch and show me how big and beautiful you'll be when you grow up. 


I now quickly redirect my focus, attention and efforts back to my last 6 Sweet pups as they themselves are on their home stretch here with me as well. 

This is a immensely important litter for me as I have to allocate 3 working dogs within this litter. I have been on hyper watch with these pups for weeks now and will continue to do so in the days ahead.  Noting every little behavior,  every peep, bark, action and movement.  2 will go on to be working therapy dogs and 1 will hopefully go on to be a full pledged working Service Dog. The stress to find these 3 pups is high but more so I am honored to be in this position.  To be able to have this opportunity, I will be forever grateful for.  

So many pages turning,  chapters being closed and new chapters just starting.  

I am over the moon welcoming them all as my heart is full and my head is itching with excitement for what's ahead. 

Thank you.  Thank you to the Mountain pups families from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to help you start this journey of yours. It's been an amazing chapter in my story.


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