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Mountain Pups 7 wks. old

I can now officially say, proudly, sadly, ecstatically, we are in the home stretch in our last chapter of our story here with these magnificent Mountain pups. 

This story had been filled with joy,  immense happiness, floof, curls and puppy dog eyes for miles.  Each chapter better then the last, more entertaining,  busier yes but rewarding past expectations.


The week ahead is our completion week of meds, vaccines,  microchips and a trip to the Vet. The vet field trips are always much loved by all.  We set up 'camp' at the office with our playpen and it gets  swarmed instantly by all the staff awaiting this extremely fun day.  Lots of snuggles are always had and doting comes endlessly. It's always a great outing to look forward to. 


The Mountain pups moved in with the Sweet Pups last week and have been doing a great job at leading the way.  What great little big kid role models they have been.  Any last lingering hesitations on the Sweet pups side has now been completely diminished because of this mix. Plenty of roughing up and tumbling and rumbling was shared amongst them all.  Learning to bite gently,  chew softly,  when to give up and when to stand your ground.  

These pups are now pros with their meals,  experts in their crates,  best buddies with their Sweet siblings and strong stable confident young pups that I know without a doubt will thrive in their new forever homes. 

They aren't phased in the slightest when Tonka plays with them or when mama kindly nips at them to say 'enough'.  I am so proud of these little big love bugs that they have grown up to become.  

Their curls are priceless as they seem to get denser and thicker everyday.  They don't mind the brush at all but I've run it over them daily since they were a few weeks old. 

They are extremely wiggly and have a high desire to see more,  explore more,  go further with more gusto every minute.  That's a puppy for you!!! 

I'm hopeful the weather this week will give us enough windows of sunshine to go on a few more walks. All 3 of them love to be out and about to take in all the commotion on the trail.  Birds sing, our cats waltz beside us and squirrels scamper and scatter in every direction.  I truly hope none of these pups pick up on their love of squirrels like their mama! 


I will miss these darling Mountain pups immensely but am excited to watch them blossom in their new homes.  Their new families are exceptional and are excited beyond belief to get their hands and hearts entwined in these babies.  

One step closer,  one foot higher on this Mountain before they summit home.  I am ecstatic for their journey to climb higher.   


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