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Mountain Pups 6 wks. old

Bustle the hustle around here, totally engrossed in commotion to the fullest degree possible. Food soaking in one corner, Cries from the containment of the new 'jails' that were put in for the Sweet pups, they are called crates babies and you will be ok, mamas wanting in, other dogs wanting out, Mountain babies wanting up UP GET US OUT! It's all a juggling act. But just like my dad, he saw juggling as a much loved art. First he conquered small bean bags then he went onto pins as he got better. It's all in the mindset. Hard they say? It's fast. A bit of practice, ok a touch more practice, dedication to make the juggling a little easier, a little smoother, a little less fumbling as you move forward. Music plays in the background making this juggling act more like dancing and less like juggling over all. I have to switch out my city noise desensitization 'music' to something a little more upbeat when I work around the nurseries. I'll leave the car honking, people chit chattering, and sirens to the times when I'm not within their space, Thank you very much.  

The routine is getting more predictable for the Mountain pups and they are getting pretty smooth in their 'dancing' around here. Food? yes I'm there, in they go to their crates. Fresh water? I'm here.. RIGHT HERE. Yes I see you darling babes. You coming in here? Bring me your lap, I want in RIGHT NOW! Instant melting puppies the second I sink into the floor with them. So content, so happy so in love with people it's crazy. 

Lots of outside playtime in the toddler yard these last few days once it wasn't frozen solid every inch of .. everywhere. Tonka and Leia volunteered as 'rougher uppers" and then Leia opted out the second time to play with Isla but Tonka was head over heels in love with the babies and BEGGING to go back and play with them! I guess he was simply waiting for them to get big enough to be actual 'toys' and less like boring potatoes he couldn't do anything with.

Both the Mountain pups and the Sweets got outside but the Sweets checked out earlier than the Mountain pups so their time got extended. I even had them out one evening after dark to work out some last minute crazies before bed. Tonka gently batted them, carefully pranced around them, softly munched on them and very patiently lay down with them and let them crawl all over him.

He's magical. Simply and truly sent from above, beyond what I could have asked for in any dog. You can see his magic transfering right over into these pups as they munch his tail, shake and growl and he just generates this magic of calmness that settles everyone and anything around him.

A few weeks ago he was running full tilt everywhere without a care in the world, running right into things. I was doubting left and right if I should let him in with the pups with his giant aloof body. I highly underestimated his skills. So sorry sweet Tonk. He instantly moved at a snails pace until he gauged how much the pups could handle. He batted but didn't smack, munched but didn't bite, trotted but didn't run and sat on them just enough to get them to stop and slow down themselves. How can I get anything done with magic like this happen in every corner of my space!?! It was phenomenal to watch. So intuitively knowing what and how much to do.

These Mountain pups are getting to a point where they are very much wanting to explore more, go further, climb higher, do more and bond at a different level. They instantly escape through their nursery gate at every chance they can get. The gate got switched out for a lower height panel that I can just step over instead to control the jail breakers! I put one in on the other side as well as I know the Sweets aren't that far behind. 

Food is getting devoured, tummies get closer to the ground and legs get shorter.....? How much do they weigh? 10 ... ish lbs. How do you keep a 6 wk. old puppy on a scale more than a nano second anyway. I will have to get out a bucket. 

Curls get curlier, density gets denser, teeth get sharper and voices get louder. Sola says I'm out, I'm done. She immensely loves what she does but she does it so well that almost on the exact day that the next stage should take place, she's already doing it naturally all on her own. And just like that her job is complete. With a well in my heart and a tear in my eye I am grateful to each and every pup she has given to me to gift to someone else. She will go on to someone new, someone very lucky to spoil her from here on out.

And so the Space pups, Trooper, the Gem pups and the Mountain Pups will go on to do great things because of this amazing dog and Sola herself will bring so much love to the family that's ahead for her. 

Oh wow...ok enough on that topic! sniffle sniffle*

 More ahead for these Mountain pups. Everest is a love, Andes is playful and McKinley is going to wear her new kids out. They all are perfection in so many ways and I'm stunned by them every moment I am blessed to spend with them. Talking about spending time with them.... their families finally get to come for snuggles!!!! For safety reasons with the mysterious dog illness still heightened, I made the call to cancel the 4 wk. old initial puppy visit. Their immune systems are now stronger so bring in the extra snuggles! Wiggles for miles, puppy kisses for all, tails vibrating at mach speeds and squeezes until the sun goes down. 

More of just about everything in the week ahead. More playtime, more big dog rough housing, more food, longer crate naps, and plenty more lap snuggles. Oh! and more swimming lessons!! Yes all 3 pups got to swim this week and they did amazing. Melting instantly with the water lapping it up splashing a touch and trying not to let their floofy bodies bring them under.  My hope is  this early water exposure will help with their future love for lakes, rivers, baths and oceans. 

Such a great week but the countdown is starting to imped for me but knowing the countdown only leads to the beginning of a brand new story for 3 others, so my heart is full. 

Climb high my little Mountain pups, climb high. 


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