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Holidays ahead are in the air

Romping, Playing, observing, resting, leaning, loving and everything in between.

Leia romps, Meiko plays, Tonka observes, Sola rests, Isla leans and everyone loves.

You can very much tell who the 'baby bakers' are here as instincts are kicking in full force to protect the wee beans.

Sola lays off to the side quiet and content, Isla leans against me checking in "I feel funny!" She definitely has a look of bewilderment lately not knowing what is ahead for her.

Both the girls are filling out in their structures but an obvious belly bump is not quite apparent just yet. Their little bubble babies are showing up on the ultrasound screen, Sola's a little bigger than Isla's, but bubble babies are very much apparent for both.

Tonka is very tuned in lately to the soon to be mamas, which is adorable and amazing.

I wasn't able to catch it in a photo but he sits touching either Sola or Isla looking at them as if asking if he can do anything for them. So endearing! It takes a lot of patience to get a photo of Tonka as whenever I get remotely close to him he always comes directly to my side. "Can I snuggle?" How can I resist?"

The weather around here was chaotic, violent at times and definitely kept me hopping to put it lightly. Too many pine cones got consumed, leaf salad got munched back by the mouthfuls and small sticks got crunched up. My leaf patrol around here got taken care of slightly as Mother Nature decided for me that I would do best with 1 less deciduous tree over my dog yard. What a giant mess to clean up but in the long run it'll down the amount of falling leaves into my yard. The dogs thought it was great fun to watch me drag around these giant fetch sticks and were very perplexed on why they couldn't help me.

I played different games with them instead, working on target training was a great rainy day activity to fill a few minutes of time here and there. They always love working with me 1 on 1 and the attention eye to eye is much loved for both of us as I spend this individual time with each of my dogs. It's great bonding time for us as teams as we build this all so important bond that is very crucial for success between dogs and their humans. If you don't have this trusting bonded relationship, you have nothing really. So we play and run, listen to music and dance constantly with each other. Tiny treats are always in my pocket for an unexpected spontaneous good choice move. Whether it be a random nose boop or a calm resting state. They love to be with me and vica versa. Our priorities are the same, creating this harmonious relationship.

Festivities are all of a sudden everywhere I look. Christmas elves are lining shelves, lights hang from every tree, 'It's the most wonderful time of the year' flows out of speakers everywhere I go. Talk of 'what's on the menu?' for Thanksgiving dinner is definitely happening.

I do believe for the first time ever I might have my children cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner this year!! My children are amazing!!! Each and everyone of them! Our Thanksgiving dinner is always our 'dry run'

dinner for our Christmas dinner plans. Alter this, change this, add this and please.... take that out! ha! What fun is ahead.

By the time Christmas rolls around I am hopeful we'll have a couple of puppy piles to share the cheer in this year's joy. Big beautiful cream Sola babes and perfectly perfect honey Isla babes. I am so much anticipating with itchy eagerness to see these no doubt phenomenal Isla pups. Isla's coloring is morphing into this amazing zebra patchy honey/cream coloring that is stunning. Her demeanor of checking in with me constantly is forever endearing. It's simply going to be 'the most wonderful time of the year' this year.

I hope you all are well, happy, loving life and loving each other. I very much look forward to being in contact with you all soon, a bit more frequently and a touch more closely as these weeks tick down to new squeaky arrivals.


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