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Gotcha Day has come and gone

The flower pups were planted, watered, nourished, tendered to, carefully shaped and encouraged towards the sunshine. They thrived, they reached upwards, they blossomed and now have bloomed. The families eagerly waiting for these flowers to be picked. The days came and went so fast.

These darling perfect pups have now all been replanted and I have no doubt will thrive beyond my greatest expectations. They were incredible, all so sweet and endearing. Calm natured, tuned in and eager to touch my heart at every moment. All 10 families I had on board were also incredible. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people. Every step of the way they were respectful of my process, trusting in my methods, patient through each chapter and over the moon grateful for whatever pup I thought was their perfect match. Great stories were shared, perfect chapters were written together.

I am honored to add them all to my extended puppy family. A few of them have already connected to past families which I LOVE and I will continue to find other local connections as well for the others so future playdates and built in puppy sitters are established.

Our puppy community gets stronger, thicker, wider and closer. My heart will always be with each of my pups for life. To watch them grow into big beautiful and dashing dogs is amazing, I am nothing short of blessed. All the updates I get over the years simply just warm my heart every time I get a new update and photo. 'Name that dog!' Is the game we play around here. The identity is covered so we can fight to guess the fuzzy adult face to whom we knew as their puppy face. Ever so hard! But small differences always win me over and I'm... a lot of the time anyways, able to pin point the exact face to the sweet pup I got the privilege to raise.

This last week with these pups was priceless. They have been the perfect litter. Have I said that before?! haha. The other dogs will miss them but also will enjoy having me all to themselves again for a bit. I'll miss you fluffy Cream Puffs!!!

Gotcha Day was upon us in a flash...where did the time go?!!! Poppy will stay Poppy, Petunia is now Maple, Lily is our moon pup named Luna, Azalea is Pretzel, Zinnia is our star pup, Hoku, Hawaiian for star. Bluebell is now Mochi, Rhodi will stay Rhodi, Snowdrop is now Cosmo and Aster is Dobby aka CREAM PUFF!

Look at these happy families!!!

So many ear to ear smiles I had the immense privilege to help create! Another hugely successful Gotcha Day!

The photos flood in from their very first moments home. Happy Meiko smiles, content and thrilled families and perfectly adjusting pups.

First outings in strollers of course, finding out that the tile floor or even the stone shower floor is the preferred sleeping location, realizing that belly up is a very common retriever position, not having to share toys rocks, and duplicating past pups chewing items. I love all the updates and look forward to many many more ahead!

Here's the last handful of photos from this past week. Tonka will miss his toys greatly. He really did take them under his wing in an amazing way. From wet and soggy bath time to fluffy dressed up beauties out the door, the week had amazing moments.

Here's to the next chapter!!! Great things are ahead for us all. For so many more eagerly awaiting families and for new firsts and continuing fluffs. I wait for shifts to happen now and in the meantime I will catch up around here a bit and maybe even take a wee breather.


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