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Gem Pups 4 wks old

I work and live in blocks. Sometimes it's 3 hr. blocks, sometimes it's 24 hr. blocks. At this stage in the puppies' growth I add, change, upgrade, switch, move, alter and shift depending on what the babies need, in blocks. These blocks of time don't last long before needing to be altered in some way shape or form. What they needed 3 hrs. ago doesn't seem to be what they need at the current moment. I shift, I move, I morph into whatever form I need to to stay on top of things. These blocks mush together at times and then at others pan out a little smoother. It's what drives me forward to fill in all the gaps. It's what is necessary in my opinion but what I love and what my passion feeds off of.

This week has flown by with so much change it seems impossible. Tonka probably doubled in size and the Gem babies nearly doubled in size themselves. Meiko is gaining weight as well, just like she should. Sola is losing her baby weight just like she should which is great. Everything moves and shifts as it should or/and as it pans out. I take it all in and adjust and fill in where I need to. Mostly the week was smooth sailing only with one small hiccup of a quick vet visit for Sapphire for some tearing, due to irritants in his eyes. Steroid ointment is on board, extra snuggles took place and extra love got administered. I've got your back sweet Sapphire! We'll get you back on track in no time!

The nursery changed, arranged and re-arranged a few times this week to keep up with the growth of these pups. The day after one thing was added in, the next level needed to be added in. From introductory potty tray, to grated top pellet litter tray, to doing their business like pros in a matter of days always blows my mind. Such smart little cookies.

Taking on the wobble board like experts, the slide like champs and playing with Tonka like actual real life dogs. The 6 baby crates got put in for the start of crate training. Individual feeding has start and alone time will also soon start. Car rides continue, stroller rides are pretty much daily as it's a great excuse for me to take a breather and just go for a walk. They are adapting amazingly well and loving every minute of their exposure time. Music of Mozart, Beethoven, jazz, city sounds, and pretty much everything in between runs steady into their environment which is beneficial to pretty much everyone and anyone around.

They started with solid feeds this week which caught on very fast and the food quivers very quickly took over. So cute to see their little fat otter tails shaking a mile a minute at the smell of food. Sola looks up at me with gratitude as I bring in their bowls and quickly vanishes outside to lay in the sun. She is weaning right on schedule just like a good mom should. She is sleeping on her own now at night per request from her but also right on schedule. Such a spot on mama. They will be completely weaned by 6 weeks but if Sola has anything to say about it, it will be sooner than that with those dagger sharp shark teeth! I'll have a talk with the babes Sola.

Tonka has introduced himself to the babies and done such a great job at being the best role model ever! He plays gently, sits quietly, shares perfectly and steps around them gingerly. So blessed to have this amazing pup here in the middle of this litter.

I'll jump over to Meiko for a moment, another phenomenal mama just waiting to bless another 'litter' of families with more amazing Meiko pups. She's showing early which makes me think she's got more than a handful coming. We'll have to see. She's doing great though, clingy as all get out which is completely normal and very like her. Her ultrasound pics. are clear and evident of new life showing up soon. Very excited to keep this fluff journey roll'n. X-rays in a few weeks to confirm # count for everyone. These 'Flower' babies will be just as exceptional as her last 'Reindeer' babies. So many eagerly awaiting families for this much anticipated litter.

I got to be reunited with 3 of the 'Reindeer pups' this week as they turned 6 mths old. A smaller but exceptional get together to play in the pool, run through the sprinkler and chat with great company. Such an incredible group of people. Our full Reindeer get together is in 2 wks. at Rudolph's/Finian's home. It will be nothing short of a crazy fur flying craze of fun I'm sure.

The Gem Pups had their 1st get together today with their new forever families. Such a great day! 5 out of the 6 families were able to come so everyone just came all at once. They met each other, chatted, exchanged ideas and got answers to nervous questions. So many snuggles took place, hearts were captured and souls were touched. The countdown is in full force for these families. Another great group of people that I am extremely lucky to work with.

The week ahead will continue with potty training, crate training, swimming is on the schedule!!! stayed tuned! and much more snuggles, playtime with their big brother and maybe some outside time in the astroturf baby area. These Gem babes are growing up!

I send out my thanks to the Reindeer families who have been tremendous at helping out the Gem families in getting them prepared. To have your continuing support and help is simply priceless. I also send out my thanks to all the families who have put their trust in me as I nearly complete my Isla girl litter. This will be a hands down a gorgeous litter and my first with a touch of honey so I am very much looking forward to seeing what this gorgeous girl will throw. Totally tickled for sure and very much looking forward to getting a touch of this honey into your hearts and home.

All our love everyone!!!!


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