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Gem Pups 2 wks Old

My plate is full, my hours long, my days are back to back but my heart is immensely full, my tasks are light lifted with passion and the laughter and smiles all these furry beings bring, fills me with joy beyond what I could ever imagine.

The Gem babies are doing incredibly well each and everyday. They are the biggest fattest rolliest polliest babies I've ever had. They are all almost breaking the 4 lb mark now. Just for comparison, Meiko's last pups at the 2 wk mark were all around 2.5 lbs. The Gem Families are currently beefing up their suspension in their rigs! The babes are almost through with their ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) work and moving onto their on-going handling training. All are settling faster everytime I run them through their routine. They are up on their toe beans more and more and gaining strength rapidly.

They went on quite a few excursions this week. Out for multiple car rides, many stroller trips, under the arm walks and even a local beach day! The sunshine graced us with warmth all week which made the trips out perfectly lovely.

Their eyes are all open now peeking out into the outside world a little more. Hearing comes last and will start to flood in this upcoming week. Desensitization music will start with plenty of different tracks played filled with not only nature but city sounds, life noises and lots of fireworks to make sure they get over July 4th without being startled.

My squishy squashy facers are losing their face squish everyday but gaining a look that is soon more puppy like. In a short 2 wks these families get to meet their forever friend. Since this is a smaller litter, I will have all 5 Families (the 6th is out of state) out for a grand meet and greet all together. The families have now been communicating through a group text setting and have been getting to know their future built in puppy sitters. The chitter chatter has been abundant and so much fun getting to know everyone on this 'open adoption' platform that has proven to bring nothing but tight knit relationships down the road. So blessed to have these incredible families on board here with us all.

Our darling dapper Tonka Time is working his magic around here, winning hearts and taking names. Sola saunters around here like the queen she is, taking care of business and not giving Tonka too much of her attention. She is solely focused on her babies and getting back to them at every chance she can. Meiko is extremely focused on staying under my hand at all times but is willing to put up with Tonka if he runs into the side of her.

Isla is learning to play gentle with him, slowly gasping the concept that stepping on him isn't winning his heart. She's getting there quickly and listens to my guidance extremely well. Leia is an instant buddy for Tonka. She plays incredibly gently with him and lets him crawl all over her without her being phased in the slightest.

He's been the greatest addition addition around here to add sweetest (not like we needed extra) loads of entertainment (not like we need more) and to bring a sense of completion to the whole unit that we have built here.

Meiko is a complete love as she tucks herself under my hand at every chance she can get. She is my shadow, my soul toucher and heart puller. Her and Sola are content to watch Tonka attack the ankles of Isla and Leia from up above as they catch the warmth of these amazing rays we've been having. I will run the ultrasound on Meiko next week to get definite confirmation on her pregnancy and that indeed pups are on their way. I can always tell by her behavior though as if it's at all possible, my shadow dog gets even more 'shadowy' as pups are baking. I so look forward to blessing these next families with these incredible Meiko pups that are on the horizon.

Let's see what I have left.... The gem pups meet the big dogs, very overwhelming but good for everyone.

Tonka goes to the farmers market to get exposure to sights, sounds, noises, people, smells and motion. Not phased by anything.

Leia showing Tonka 'the ropes'

Isla being sweet as pie.

The mamas watching the young 'n's romp with Tonka in the yard.

Isla and Leia have been incredible at showing Tonka the routine around here.

a couple of pictures of all 5 dogs in one shot!!!! What a feat!

Tunnel Fun!

Tonka's turn to be the pesky little brother.

I think that's a wrap everyone for this week. The week flew by but we squish squashed so much into such a short timeframe.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!! For some of us we are grounded here at our home but for those that are traveling around, have a blast, stay safe and I promise I will fly some extra fur around here just for you.


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