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Flower Pups 7 wks old & on the home stretch

These flower babies have really won me over and captured my heart in this litter. I don’t usually get that attached to pups here as I have in my mind that they are never mine, but I have to admit these guys will be a bit hard to let go! Each one so attentive, aware, sweet and tuned in. Requesting but not demanding, active but not frantic, playful but not crazy. It's been an absolute honor to raise these priceless pups this go round to get them to a balanced place in their life where they will no doubt easily transition over to their new forever families. I’ll miss them dearly.

The families I've been blessed to work with this round though have been priceless, making letting them go a touch easier. These families so eager but patient, so driven to gain knowledge but very respectful of my time, loving all the group communication and bouncing ideas off of everyone as they all prepared for new baby. Understanding of my process and very trusting of my guidance. I work double time for my families but also work triple time behind the scenes for everyone under my wing. Many do not understand this. I more than happily hold the hands of the flower families but still guide the Gem Families while situating and organizing my next few litters ahead through the winter and into spring. The whirlwind of babies soon to fly out the door is juggled with the anticipation of babes ahead and making sure balance is in order with it all. My heart is all in.. always, past, current and for what's ahead.

The past week has flown by in a tussle and bustle of furry fluffballs roaming my feet and making it nearly impossible for me to move in the nursery. I drop to the floor quietly and spend just a few moments passing along love to each wee flower. It doesn't take them long at all to settle to a slow grounded waddle. Each crate gets stuffed with a pup for feedings and the energy lessens around us. They have learned to settle in their crates and just nap contently. This has taken weeks to perfect but I am confident that they are ready to fly. Snuggle pups get put down for their naps as well right along side the Flower babes so nap time is just a wee bit better. Scenting these snuggle pups daily now so sibling and mama smells make the transition ahead easier for everyone.

Mama Meiko completed her nursing duties last week and now just gives love and kisses over the shorter panel of the nursery pen. She is more than content to spend a bit more time basking in the sunshine of these last few days of warm weather before the air turns cool. The outdoor spools retain heat for bodies to sprawl while the younger dogs turn up the sand driving a track around the yard. All 10 pups at once got to go outside to play this week but it was a bit chaotic to try to keep track of everyone. I usually stick to rotating 2-4 pups outside at once to make sure cleanup behind pups happens 100% of the time without any tracking going through it.

All the dogs at this point are used to the babies and way more aware of their small bodies. They run past them at a minimized speed and roll and romp at a lessened pace. Sola loves letting them crawl all over her but is very clear that she is not the mama! Isla and Leia have learned over these last few weeks on how to manage their play sessions while wee ones are around. It took them awhile but it was amazing to watch the switch as it happened. Both are going to be phenomenal mamas when their times roll in. Tonka continues to be my peaceful calm leader in the pack. He is my second shadow along with Meiko but very aware of his surroundings and what is happening around him. Always attentive and looking for direction. Tuned in but content to just 'be'. Happy to play with the other dogs but prefering to crawl into my lap on my chair and just snuggle. I am extremely blessed to have him. (yes I know I've said it many times before) I am eager to pass along his demeanor to his future pups here. His coat is coming in thick, long and wavy very early which I love. Such a looker.

Pups big field trip out to the Vet on Fri. went down without a hitch. Every pup relatively quiet on the drive out. They’ve been in the car before so the outing wasn’t new to them. They of course stole hearts and won over every soul at the office. Each pup checked out 100% Healthy, strong, vibrant and bright. They are nearly ready for their next chapter in life.

So as my other dogs romp and play and the flower babes rotate in and out of the nursery for their outside playtimes... I have a moment looking at the week ahead. All the pups will shuffle out my door 1 by 1 and be in the arms of their forever families by the end of the week. Dear sweet Lily so feisty to start, melted my heart by the end with her endearing sweetness. Aster with his eager eyes to figure out what's ahead, Bluebells calm and patience energy had the ability to slow down anyone around him. Zin for the win that's going home with Fin (couldn't resist! ) is perfect. Petunia going to soothe wee Toddlers hearts and small hands, Rhodi winning over children and finding his way in the world. And the rest of the pups as ‘cookie cutter’ as they come in the best way possible were all perfect as well. Such a phenomenal litter.

I’ll have some down time here for a couple of months before kicking up speed as the weather turns over and the hot chocolate air comes in. Blankets will come out on the patio and peaceful nighttime walks will commence. For now I’m counting down the days until I’m an empty nester… focusing on spending more time with my dogs here but really not looking forward to the wee yips and yells of my little Flowers.

All my best everyone!!!


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