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Flower Pups 1 wk old & Grand Reunion

It's been a phenomenal week filled with new life, air filled with squeaky energy, warmth filling every nook and cranky and fur flying into every corner of every space.

I've had great conversations with so many of you this week that has warmed my heart to no end.

Such amazing enthusiasm and eagerly itching hearts, hands and homes to fill, heal, renew and create. The stories of your past, present and future have brought immense joy to my own chapters of what I do here. Each of these details help to build my own passion and they add to my every move that I decide to make here.

I am always improving, growing, adding, adjusting, creating and recreating even more depth to what I do here so your journey is even more filled with passion, excitement, knowledge and joy along the way. I am extremely grateful for you all and blessed to have each of you as part of my extended family.

FLOWER BABIES! – The flowers are all doing exceptional! They were a touch slow to root but nothing that a little TLC and close nurturing couldn't take care of. Hours of cooking, drying greens from the garden and stocking mama Meiko's meal plans to the nine was my soul focus. I support my mamas so they can focus on what they do best.. being exceptional doting loving mamas to these gorgeous new beautiful additions.

The flowers got established within a few days and from that point forward, they caught sight of the sunshine and started to thrive.

Petunia is taking the lead for everyone in growth with Baby Zin close behind. Azalea is rallying for that lead position with Poppy right alongside her. Lily brings up the rear with determination and grit. She motors around the pen as if she's got something to prove.

They all got their dew claws removed this week quickly and easily . Everyone did amazing. Such a minor procedure at this age to avoid potential injury down the road.

Meiko is much more relaxed this time round then she was with her last litter. She has a different care taking method then Sola does so I listen intently and follow her lead. If we sync our methods and listen to each other our day to day flow around here is highly effective.

The other dogs continue to be respectful of Meiko’s space that she requests to have. Tonka tries so hard to be ok with hanging out with the big dogs more but pleads to be with me always. Meiko has picked up on this and had graciously allowed him to be by my side as I care take inside the house. He quietly occupies himself on a chewie or toy of some sorts. A very content and peaceful pup. Sola loves her sunbathing but checks in with me often. Isla and Leia are still obsessed with each other and play chase endlessly. They continue to pop their heads into the side window of the house to say hi or maybe just to get more treats! Their 'drive-through' window has been a hit!

We've had multiple pool parties with temps soaring this week.

Sola is completely obsessed with chasing hose water and bobbing for 'Ice bergs' is always a hit and then to end every party, it’s always who can dig the water out of the pool the fastest! Such great entertainment around here!

As the wee flowers continue to grow and blossom I try to get other things done around here beside well.. watching flowers grow. It's highly distracting. But an incredible way to spend my moments.

I shifted gears by the end of this week to 'my' other dogs. To all my Ginger pups, my Space pups, my Trooper pup, my Reindeer pups and everyone in between.

Our grand reunion of past, current, present and future families that have been, currently are and soon to be part of this extended passionate fur flying family was a massive success!

The pack flooded in to the MaryMoor Park and the sea of white continued to flood the space. Such an incredible turnout!

Past families shared stories with the future Flower Families, gave tips and guidance in how to make this next big move the smoothest possible. The support team behind me is incredible! I am blessed to have so many amazing people to add great value to my other families that come in.

The entertainment of 4 leggers flew in every direction as we all chatted and caught up with each other. Every dog was in the water at some point or another to some degree. Some waded and walked, some romped and splashed and some, Pika! Just floated like it was spa day!

The similarities amongst the dogs were certainly there but the differences were also pretty clear to spot. One slightly smaller, a little taller, a straighter coat or longer fluffier fur. One a bit more reserved, a bit more independent, or displaying antics of goofiness endlessly. The ‘Ginger’ babies had Ginger in their eyes, the Sola kids had her head and structure to a tee, and the Meiko pups definitely had their mamas smile and happy trot. One thing for certain that we had across the board was demeanor. Each pup was pricelessly sweet as pie, extremely happy to be there sharing space and time with the siblings and friends and showing all the ‘retriever’ traits exactly the way they should.

Huge shout out to Debi and her family for helping organize this event and bringing home made goodies to share. Thank you to Ginger and her family for making name tags for everyone and bringing toys for each and every pup that showed up.

I was stretched to talked to everyone but I hope I was able to at least touch base with you all even though it may have been brief. Thank you ALL for adding such joy to this outing!

Until next time everyone.

As I drove back from this amazing reunion, I shift once again to what is ahead and the upcoming weeks that will be filled with excitement, planning, a fair share of furry commotion, a touch of welcomed chaos and more puppy love then I can imagine.

I listen to podcasts as I drive…. ‘Be quieter more often’, ‘Meditate longer’, ‘go past the point of discomfort until it becomes a little bit more comfortable’

‘Your brain runs on a heightened state so we need to teach ourselves consciously to slow it down’

So as I listened, he mentioned dogs….

‘It’s just like training a dog, be quieter….be quieter’

I’ve been talking to my families lately about this actually so this came at the perfect time. How to train with energy, body language, calmness, minimal calm verbal commands or even none at all. I’ve been using this more and more with my own dogs with great success.

The 7-38-55 communication formula comes up. Only 7% of communication is verbal where you use your words to communicate. 38% is your tone of voice, verbal expressions, pitch and tone. And 55% is Body language, facial expressions, posture, eye contact, gestures, placement and presence of yourself.

It’s a great reminder that we need to learn to calm and settle ourselves more, move through our heighten state that we’ve accumulated throughout our day and just be quieter more often. Get past being uncomfortable with being still so we can be a touch more comfortable in a quieter state.

In this state of being quiet, more at peace in a settled energy, we are able to communicate with our dogs on a better level. A level that they understand better, absorb quicker, works more effectively, transfers to them more easily and helps them to learn to be better versions of themselves. We need to guide these pups into the world with energy that we want to receive back. By doing this, I have no doubt that we will also be better versions of ourselves.

Be quieter more often everyone. Enjoy your week and sit and dream of what is ahead.


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