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Fall into Winter

To all great things that come in 2's just like Salt and Pepper, Beans and Rice, Barbie and Ken, Popeye and Olive Oyl, we now add in with exciting confirmation...both Sola and Isla indeed have babes on the way.

Cherries, Chopsticks, a loved pair of shoes, A timeless pair of earrings, Nemo and Dory and Ying and Yang. I'm ear to ear, smile to smile, a hop and a skip excited for what's to come. Our pair of mamas, Cream and Honey, Big, Beautiful, sweet and stunning. A pair of nurseries, double the squish, double the squash, a pair of wee fluff for both hands and double the opportunity to fill hearts, fill homes, and widen smiles. The holidays ahead are going to be double busy but double the joy.

Joy always trumps busy around here. How could it not with pure eager to love eyes so simply happy to just be with you.

All my dogs are always only a wiggle away from attaching themselves to my leg. Their focus breaks to chase a blowing leaf, they pounce on a falling stick and munch up a rolling pine cone but then always come directly back for a scratch a lean a snuggle and if they are lucky a massage. They line up for these to sink them away. Happily spoiled doggos.

It's purely joy for everyone involved. Busy they ask? Well yes, I'm never short on tasks to complete but as I always say, it's only perspective.

Are they good family dogs people ask? Are they snuggly others inquire? Will they stick by me? More than you know, more than you are probably ready for and definitely way more then you'll ever imagine possible. Build a bond, knit trust, connect hearts and yes you'll have an attachment for life.

I bend down to pick up a lone pine cone and have a wet nose go into my ear, a tongue lick my cheek, Meiko's paw go up to demand a squeeze and fluff from every angle blind me from my direction. I have no idea where the pine cone went.

The joy once again trumps everything.

Oh the happy chaos around here that takes place! a smash of activity, a commotion of craz, 3 shades of golden with a dash of white and a sprinkle of cream.

I must say that these leaves, sticks and pine cones have me challenging my idea of perspective lately. Beauty or mess. Painting the skyline or cluttering my yard.

I blow them from one end of my yard and out the other they fly. So much better... I look behind behind me as Leia skirts past me chasing a giant Maple leaf, her 2nd breakfast... the yard looks identical to when I started! The leaves are falling faster then I can maintain them. I have to laugh so I don't cry. I definitely have a love hate relationship with my trees around here. My dogs on the other hand love it all which makes this time of year a touch easier to look only at the beauty fall brings. Constant things to chase, endless organics to consume, sticks to rearrange and wind to prance with.

I thought fall was turning over to chillier days earlier in the week until a bit of a heat wave hit us a few days ago. The dogs definitely had their noses up in the air double time trying to figure out their next move. The sheets of down pouring rain was a bit challenging but the warmth of a heated house was always waiting. Sola and Tonka got dressed in their Weatherbeeta coats during playtimes to keep their dense coats free of excess moisture. The other dogs have more manageable coats but these 2 take a bit of extra fur diligence.

All this is a quick glimpse into our days here minus the moments we don't have wee fluffs to tend to. Squeaks from tiny squishy squashers aren't far off. The mamas zone off quietly baby baking. Tummies will soon bump out and days will become lazier. Thanksgiving will be behind us and welcoming new arrivals will start our Christmas cheer soon. Pups always keep me extremely grounded, in more ways than one, but the physical aspect of what i do here definitely keeps me home most of the time. There's no other place I'd rather be though around the holidays. My family is incredibly supportive and always willing to come here. I get the opportunity to build new family members for so many and for me that's my joy. And so I pass along this passion to you, to love, squeeze, dream, create and anticipate the upcoming months of what this new beginning will bring you.

Too many photos will consume my storage (just transferred 20,000 photos, how did that happen!!!) and be shared in heaps, updates will be spread, visits will be scheduled and stories will continue to be written.

I send out all my best out to everyone.

All the dogs pass along their sweetness and pure joy as you tackle your own endless leaves and pine cones where you are. Munch up plenty of organics they say, chase your own 'sticks', sniff the air a little longer, chase a friend, talk to squirrels, walk a bit further, look at this new earlier darkness as a wash of peaceful quietness, snuggle with a loved one and dream of new fluff ahead.


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