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Even more pups arrive!

I am ecstatic beyond words to announce to you all that we have now doubled our squeaks and squeals that fill the air and multiplied our pups by a handful. The buzzing energy of new life is wall to wall.

It is with soaring excitement to share that our gorgeous Isla 'Sweet' pups have arrived!  Mama is doing excellent and pups are all healthy, strong, active and squealing enough to fill the air for miles. Mostly very light pups graced us with their presence but there is a touch of honey in a couple of the pups which of course they get from their mama. We'll see if any of the other pups darken with time.  Double the pups, double the fun. I have no doubt that this holiday season is going to be ear to ear in smiles for everyone.  What a SWEET way to start this Christmas holiday!

Isla's ingrained mama instincts are running incredibly strong,  inching,  scooching, doing her 'trench crawl' brilliantly.  Extremely aware where she steps, how she moves and how quickly.  Cleaning the babies,  counting each one making sure all have her undivided attention. Agave gets kisses,  Monk Fruit gets warned that he better not have to revert to calling him her little monkey child. Stevia gets snuggles, oh so sweet little Stevie and Caramel boy is rocking his obvious sweet honey colored coat. Honey and Sugar are our sister duo holding their own strong in the midst of their brothers. They are priceless. As close to perfection as it gets.

Isla makes her rounds outside quick and short before her feet get antsy and her eyes get searching for that door. Scrambled eggs, carrots and yogurt fill up the remainder of her bowl for breakfast to keep up with her burning metabolism. She's got a smile that'll melt your heart as she looks up at me as if to say "this is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for helping me become a mama" she is in love.

Sola moves with confidence and grace around her fat otter kids. Knowing exactly where to put herself at the right moment.  Nosing Andes from out under a snuggle puppy that he buried himself under.  Checking in on Everest as he tucks himself in beside McKinley. McKinley is washed over with content.  He face as elegant as her mamas and as strong as her papas. Packing on the pounds these days these Mountain babes are.

As I always tuck one into my jumper when I go outside,  I tease them that they are getting almost as wide as they are long.  I closely monitor their movements as they get more mobile making sure that they get their tummies off the floor a little more each day.  They don't have high competition for the milk bar so they are growing into pretty lazy little.. big chunky monkeys. 

I make sure their snuggle puppy  'siblings' give them a hard time as much as I can.  Roughing them up and forcing a bit of healthy sibling rivalry. When they get a bit older, bigger and stronger, I'll put them in with the Sweet pups so they will have the full experience of learning from a whole pack of siblings.

We will play off both litters and make sure each need is met and each milestone that needs to be strengthened will be given what it deserves to thrive.  I used Tonka with my last 2 litters to rough up the wee ones but Tonka has now grown into a huge magnificent beast of a boy with the spirit of a teenager.  He still is just as snuggily, affectionate and laid back as he was when he was a young pup but he's also quite aloof lately and picking up speed in his energy level. He might have to wait a couple extra weeks to be introduced to the new wee ones until he proves to me that he can contain his spirit and is aware of where he puts his big massive self around the littles.

The Mountain pups went on a few car rides this week to start their movement desensitization training.  Sola didn't love them being gone so we made it quick.

We also had a couple of amazingly warm days this week which opened up the opportunity to get the Mountain kids out for a stroller ride down the trail and around the property. Sola also got out and peacefully lounged outside for the first time.

The sunshine was greeted with enthusiasm by all. They got their ‘big kid’ collars on at 10 days old which doesn’t usually happen until past the 2 wk. mark. Chunky Monkeys! McKinley is almost 2 lbs. now and the boys are pushing 4 lbs. One of these pups always gets stuffed inside my jumper as I take the other dogs out snuggling up against me. Their eyes are not yet open but at this point but I’m sure they are very close to welcoming in the sights of the outside world.

The other dogs are very anxious to get their noses on these new pups and to meet their new ‘toys’ soon doggies soon.

Our Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) work continues daily with the Mountain pups. I adore every moment that I get to smash my nose into these gorgeous Sola Mountain babes.  These are 3 very lucky families to be blessed with these pups. ENS will be started on the Sweet pups today giving me an added excuse to spend time with them.  I sit in their box with Isla's head in my lap and am completely and utterly mesmerized. I am always captured by every wee toe bean,  each squishy little muzzle and squealy little belts of noise. This is exactly where my heart soars. 


These sweet pups will all be assigned to new families by the end of the week and the journey of daily photos and videos will start for these very lucky families. 

For those that didn't get the opportunity this time round to be assigned to one of these 9 pups, hold tight!  Meiko is due to come into heat anytime now and will have new pups baking for many more of you oh so soon!  If this shift comes right around the corner,  we'll have new pups once again showing up in February to fill your hearts for those that are still eagerly awaiting. Meiko pups are my smiles for miles pups and are gorgeously capturing.  She throws stunning pups that are and will continue to steal many more hearts to come.  

In amongst the hustle and bustle of everything going on here, I somehow managed to get out with my kiddos to walk the river with them for a spell. Laughter once again is bouncing off my walls from my girls that are home, karaoke singing gets belted into the air, giggles and chitter chatter is thick. Today pies will be created, Christmas dinner will be prepped and lots of family time will be had. The balance between puppy time and family time is in full swing.  

SO much growth this week, so much happenings around here and so much more energy in every nook and cranny to add to the Christmas Spirit this year!

I love every inch and moment of it, every hustle every bustle every crazy moment.

I sink my face into a squishy puppy body and everything smooths out perfectly.  

All of us here at Hoekema Homestead Goldens, wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS with your family and friends. May your new year ahead be plentiful, filled with love, joy, peace and more fur in every corner of your homes.



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