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Downtime before overdrive kicks in

Updates one by one flood in from my 'Flower' kids. From baby face pups to transitioning over to their toddler long and lanky big kid appearances.

A side eye from Luna, a glimpse of naughtiness from Pretzel... ok maybe 2 glimpes, another hole dug by Hoku and a lap snuggle had by Rhodi. Each Meiko pup a bit more gorgeous by the day... is that possible?!

A photo gets dropped in from a Sola pup, big beautiful, fuzzy and down right PHENOMENAL. Another grown up Sola baby photo comes in and again, SPECTACULAR.

Sola, my big blocky beautiful girl. LOVE HER!

The leaves this week have just started to turn around here bringing in the color right along side this brisk chill to the air. The crunch of the falling leaves adds a little extra 'flavor' as the dogs chase them down and munch them up.

From torrential sheets of rain one minute to wide open sunny skies the next, we take what we can get in the moments we have before the cold days engulf us. The dog yard lights are turning on earlier and earlier these days and the skies aren't getting bright until later, a sure sign of changing seasons for sure.

I'm not sure the dogs mind any of this though as their smiles are just as wide, their pep in their step just as hoppy and their speed in their romping just as fast. I simply love that dogs are very much in the moment animals.

The moments of sunshine that came out this week were lovely though. Drying up everything and opening up these amazing moments of light to pick up the coloring in these dogs coats. SO NICE!

Updating some health tests this week took place as an outing and once again passed with flying colors. Everyone always stays current and as happy and healthy as possible.

I enjoy this downtime around here which also gives me a moment to shift gears to focus on some other neglected projects that need attention.

Quick update this week just in time to capture a few last evening rays of warm as they stream in. Take care everyone!


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