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Double the pups Double the fun!

I think of what's ahead, extra toes, extra waggy tails, extra wiggily babes, but what brings me the most joy is the extra smiles I get to help to create and the extra hearts I get to expand. More families I have the opportunity to connect with and guide them along the way in this very exciting journey. Each and every one has their own story of a life long desire, a quiet home to one again add to, tentative hands to fill with fluff and hearts and souls to expand.

The holiday season ahead of giving thanks, spreading joy, laughter, sharing family love and yes, extra fur is going to be a lot more joyous this year as double the families get to embark on all these extras as we head into this wonderful season that's ahead of us.

So I spread the joy and share the wonder and high hopes of double the fun double the joy and double the pups!

We are now closing what was a very successful chapter for us here and moving onto the next with nothing but great anticipation for 2 successful pregnancies for our girls here.

I look forward to sharing the next steps with you all!

Having 3 dogs here in heat at once here these past few weeks was no small feat to take on! It took a 'bit' of management, a 'touch' of patience and a 'wee' amount of shuffling. A touch of craziness just adds a bit of flavor to our day though! I can't say I'll miss the extra flavor though!

Dancing peanut puppies were indeed picked up on ultrasound today on Sola and should be picked up in a couple of weeks for Isla. Another exciting milestone in the right direction. For now we celebrate as if these puppies were already a reality.

By Dec we'll have cream and Honey colored babes filling the air and blessing many!

All these extras whirl around in my head of prep work and rearranging. Nothing that a few wet puppy kisses can't soothe though. Wet puppy kisses cure everything!

New nursery gates have arrived, new nursery designs have been created and a new mindset has been put in place to tackle what's ahead.

I have many hands on deck so as John Heywood states - 'many hands make light work' I trust my team and look forward to what's ahead.

For now as the energy of these past few weeks die down I put a much focus as possible as keeping my mamas happy and healthy for their growing peanuts. I focus on my family, my children and the needs and desires of what's ahead for them as well. All an ongoing balancing act for us all.

I tuck my garden in, and cozy up my other animals houses for these chilly nights that are seeping into our spaces.

I hug my children a little tighter this week and thank the heavens for them daily.

Many of you saw my Facebook post this week about my neighbors devastation of losing their home. If you did not, my heart broke for my neighbors this week as their home, 2 cats and 9 yr. Old dog were lost to a house fire. I stood there in awe on my own being the first and only one there being thankful that there was people were home but knowing full well the animals were inside.

Talk about hugging your children a little tighter! It was devastating to watch as the heat and smoke billowed out knowing I couldn't do a thing. So yes, hug your children a little closer and your dogs and other pets a bit tighter today.

I am grateful for who is here today but my heart is heavy knowing who was lost.

So we look ahead to brighter days from here on forward despite sad events this week. There were so many things this week to be grateful for.

I put all my focus on squeaky babes, a sea of honeys and a clear and bright visual of my 'Mountain' litter and 'Sweet' Litter that is going to show up oh so soon!

Congrats to many families that I have on board! I very much look forward to connecting with you closer in these exciting months ahead!


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