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Cruising along

I don't want to state we are in our 'calm before the storm' timeframe as it's never stormy around here, more so our tranquil before the hustle or cruising before commotion. Everyone is simply finding their path contently, peacefully... cruising along. 

The rough edges of our new pack dynamics have smoothed right out and everyone has found their own new groove to their daily routine. Noses live up in the air and the wind brings in wonderment from every angle. Gears turn, feet hip hop and happy smiles are bursting at every turn. A waffle ball gets picked up at top speed and carried off like a bolt before I can even tell who has it. The entertainment around here is endless.  

Meiko is either up slumped on her stump, basking up on a spool or leaning up against my leg. She's thoroughly content to do her 'baking' quietly and calmly while letting the others chase the waffle ball around non stop. 

Her growing belly is in no way shape or form able to be hidden from view anymore. Belly bump in it's full glory. Her ultrasound images show a whole shmackle and a shmoosh of wiggily peanuts fighting for space. It looks like we'll definitely have a full flock of baby *Birds* on our hands. 

Spring has sprung around here, which I know many of us are very much eager to greet with welcoming hellos. The dogs have had their noses up in the air for weeks now anticipating the snow moving past and the spring air blowing in. They smelled it coming. These spring pups will be able to spend more time outside, earlier and more frequent. Golden hour will be extended into all hours of our day. By the time they are old enough to be outside the sunshine will be simply glorious for them. I'm definitely eager for more warmth for sure! Snuggles with Tonka will have to be enough for the warmth factor for now. That boy is a huge baby always asking to be packed around. Who needs to go to the gym when you have a 65 lb. Dog to throw over your shoulder!  

The puppy nursery got a mirror this week and the dog yard got 4 new dogs in their yard (it's only a mirror doggos!!) They say as long as those 'new dogs' stay contained in the puppy yard we're all good. 

This weekend I went 'zooming' with 'Sweet' pups Tofu and Olaf at the Bellevue Zoom Room. What a great place for wee ones to socialize. Thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom and supervised to a tee. The importance of early socialization is extremely important so to find a balance in this critical window of time is key. This window is so small that you have to really fill it with everything you possibly can within the parameters of safety of course. Tofu and Olaf are down right not only gorgeous but confident strong capable growing pups. Their willingness to participate in this playtime was abundant and their confidence soared the whole time. It was so nice to see both of these boys. Their humans are doing an exceptional job of putting in the work, effort and dedication to giving them the best lives possible. They fully admit, even though they thought they were prepared for this journey of puppyhood, it is way harder and is requiring way more time and energy then they even thought imaginable. They say, the love, kisses, snuggles and puppy joy is all worth every ounce though. 

I also stopped in to see Ollie and Finian, 'Reindeer' brothers. No, they do not live together but have frequent bro hang outs. Both boys are hugely magnificent, thick, bulky and handsome as all get out. What a treat to fill my weekend with so much love from past pups and their wonderful families. It's families like these that have touched my heart greatly and make passing these pups along all work everything involved.  

The other pups from the 'Sweet' and the 'Mountain' litters are also doing fantastic. Each pup has captured and stolen every heart. The pups definitely have their families hopp'n and scurrying to keep them busy with new things to do daily but so far everyone is not only still vertical (ok occasionally horizontal but only temporarily) but doing fantastic. I am extremely blessed to have these families on board to give these spectacular pups their forever homes. They continue to share their journeys with me, their joys and their struggles but most of all, how much these fluffs have changed their lives.  

I very much look forward to working closer with these 'Bird' families upcoming and adding to their stories. 

Mama Meiko sends her glorious big belly love to all these pup's new families. Everyone is getting a touch antsy to meet these babies, me too!

I understand the itch! 

For now...we continue cruising along. 


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