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Sailing past another milestone this week! We have a belly bump! Ticking off milestone markers left and right. This one is just a little more real. My big beautiful Sola girl is packing it on and growing babes like the pro she is. She is always active and happy with everything she does but her day to day routine has definitely changed. She rolls and plays with her yard toys but doesn't really romp with the others like she normally does. She takes her mama role very seriously and protects her babes off to the side. She enjoys a warm sun spot amongst these chilly days. She is content.

Isla is also losing her waistline and filling in more and more each day. Less lean and slender and more log like this week for sure. She as well is changing her routine in the same way. Less tumbling and wrestling with the others and more time sticking beside me. Very much happy as a clam as always. If I'm not totally aware of which 2 dogs are leaning on my legs, I can always guess who they are at this point.

Tonka continues to follow them around and contently chews on a random fallen stick in their presence just to keep them company. It blows me away to watch this relationship blossom and grow though these different stages with his girls. So tuned in to every little detail, every little shift and change around here. He checks in with each of them differently in his own way. Very serene and aware. My big gentle giant, wooly mammoth of a boy. Looking very Great Pyrenees lately with his coat almost long enough to braid off the ground at this point. Flashy white against his slightly shaded girls. He still asks to be packed around constantly and I try to throw him over my shoulder as much as I physically can. Very happy boy.

Meiko and Leia, my love bugs watch the squirrels pass in silence, flash me a nonchalant look over their shoulder as if to say 'do you care that they are passing? no? me neither" Meiko with her little tuffs off her ears like Papillion ears make me smile each time she perks them up.

Leia with her little fire hydrant toy in her mouth constantly like a binkie cracks me up. Heaven forbid if it ever gets chewed up or lost. She isn't possessive over it at all and when it gets picked up by someone else she just glances up at me asking me to help her get it back.... sometime today. She's incredibly laid back with everything she does, very easy going and very understanding of everything and everyone around her. She'll be the perfect mama I have no doubt and am eager to see little Leia pups next summer.

The leaves around here have finally completely dispersed, lightening my yard cleanup. Such a long haul! My attention shifts to behind the scenes work prepping for the pups ahead. That will soon shift again to nursery shuffling and organizing in their house.

Bustling and hustling around here keeps my toes warm and my passion peaked. I've been in contact with a few current families that I have on board as well as a few more new families. Each one is eager for what's ahead. I dive into this communication like it's Christmas morning as these are the moments that I thrive off of. Listening to the stories of who they have lost, how long they have waited, who they are adding and what children get to be blessed. My chapters get longer, my book gets longer and my love for it all grows stronger.

Sola x-rays are scheduled for late next week for our puppy count and then Isla's following soon after. Getting closer!

For those that are itching for these babes, keep up with your research, go through YouTube videos like mad, listen to podcasts at every chance you get and devour knowledge for what's ahead. Bringing in a new puppy is no small feat so keep it up and keep dreaming big as you head into this holiday season.

Whether it's a giant Turkey or Tofurkey or mac and cheese and rolls, may your Thanksgiving be filled with immense gratitude, loads of family love and endless shared stories of past, current and future fur babies that are ahead.


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