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Beating the Heat!

Pool play, hose play, splash pad, digging in water bowls, bobbing for huckleberries in water buckets, Ice baths in stock tanks (for ME!) smoothies (for all of us), fruit/ice treats and more. Anything to ease the intensity of this heat! WOWSIIIIIIiiii!!! It's crazy warm out there and yes, everyone has to be careful not to get dehydrated but we find ways to not only keep cool but to keep the water going into my fur babies. If I pick and throw handfuls of huckleberries into their water buckets, mouthfuls of water is taken back! and the entertainment is hilarious!

Leia's favorite game is to dig the water out of an oversized water bowl. Such fun! The latest toy is a splashpad. We get the kiddie pool out on a regular basis but this is just another element of fun factor.

With heat cycles still pending, the work around here is getting done is heaps. My latest project to my dog area was to move the impeding goat house from the view. It was right in the center of my yard completely blocking everything. To the other corner it went!!! So much nicer in my space now!

More little plants got planted and the energy changed for the better. The dogs loved the extra 'me' time since I was out there so much. Now all the dogs will sit right in the corner of the yard watching everything and everyone coming and going.

More play tubes were also brought in this week to add to the fun! I pressure washed them up and soon I will find a location in their yard so they will be spoiled just a touch more just like they deserve. Mr. Caterpillar will also be joining the pack in the yard.

Sniffing, smelling, chasing, annoying and 'playing' continues around here by Tonka with the girls. The spools are their safe haven as the smaller one is only really big enough for 1 dog so Isla (Tonka's main girl of focus right now) escapes to the top of those constantly. Leia is also getting closer but no one has officially shifted as of yet.

I look at my calendar and have a brief moment of anxiety as I not only realize this is the longest stint of cycling but if these 2 girls don't cycle soon.... We are going to run into Meiko's window of her next time to have pups as well!!! Eeeekking for a moment as I realize that means 3 litters on the ground at the same time, but knowing that without a doubt everything will happen in it's own time, in it's own way and as fully intended by mother nature. I am blessed and honored to raise either 3 puppies or .... more (as I know the # could be potentially be a lot higher!) I will take whatever is given to me by these magnificent creatures and raise them to the best of my abilities.

Everyone is looking so good recently! All their coats are in great shape, thick and glowing. We have smiles from everyone, zoomies from all and happy hellos all around.

The doggies send their slobbery love always!!!!


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