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Baking Babes

Whirlie gig maple seeds get munched and crunched down like candy.

Ice plates on water buckets get nudged and consumed.

The joy of an early morning roll in the cold sand gets noted in the repeat file.

Heaters get dusted off and set to attack. The choice of layers get contemplated. Additional lighting gets shipped. Gratitude for it all as the full moon and Jupiter washes over everything.

This seasonal shift is high. We alter, adjust and embrace as we move forward.

Cold, fresh. Dark, peaceful. Perspective is key.

Isla tucks her head under my hand and leans against my leg. I move, she moves as if attached to my pant leg. Exceptionally lovey lately Isla. An imminent sign of great things to come? Absolutely. It's still too early to get ultrasound confirmation on her but all the signs are there of nothing but soaring success for sweet pups to come.

She stares up at the full moon this morning as if looking into her own future, gears turning. Unaware of Jupiter, unaware of sweet babes but tuned in to it all I have no doubt.

Sola is serene sitting off to the side enjoying this incoming freshness to the air. Our baby baking queen. Her nose constantly higher embracing the scent of the chill. I'm sure she senses what's ahead. With her specifically, I have no doubt. Her coat is once again coming in with a vengeance. The brushes I use on the other girls I can't even run through her coat at all. Her and Tonka are on a different level with their grooming needs for sure. No wonder she obviously loves the colder air and rolling in the early morning ice crystals everywhere.

Their heater in their home runs just enough to take off the edgy chill but with coats thicker than polar bears I keep the temps lower. The other girls aren't quite as thick so we compromise on temp so everyone stays happy and content.

Tonka's coat as well continues to gain massive length believe it or not. His mane around his neck is wider than his head at this point. His fur flips, turns and spins as he romps with the girls. He very much resembles a wolf. I ran across these photos recently and thought of him.

He's also hit a growth spurt as he passed his 7 mth. Mark this month. He's almost the same size as the girls now. Ok maybe not as big as Sola. We'll see if one day he matches Sola's size.

The families I got the pleasure to chat with this week were incredible. The excitement behind a not so masked question was priceless. The stall in the middle of a thought brought forth an eagerness for what's ahead. The energy behind simple stories were clearly not simple at all. The desire to share past, present and future dreams were heart felt. To share my passion, to connect in this way with others, drives me to be more. The promise of guidance. The hope of new life. The thought of new fur is running wild lately as the days tick by closer to the holiday season.

Orange and black are already changing to red and green out and about. Eerie low and slow gets pumped out through store speakers which will soon switch to jingly upbeat annoyingly irresistibly tunes. No wonder it's the 'most wonderful time of the year'

I continue to organize for what's ahead. Crates will get rearranged, nurseries will get constructed and the thrill in the air will thicken. So excited for what's ahead! I try to stay present so not to get itchy. A magnificent photo was shared this week of a grown jaw dropping Sola boy that showed why I'm so blessed to have Sola here in my program. I can't wait to fill more homes with these beastly gorgeous pups.

I'm equally excited for Isla's 'sweet' pups, but in a different way. It's the known vs. The unknown. The expected vs. The un-excepted. The cream vs. Honey. But still the hope for hope, the dream for dream and the heart for heart for each and everyone of these pups ahead.

We went from pouring down relentless rainfall earlier this week to this glorious sunbathing weather in the blink of an eye. Plenty of zoning off into the rays was had and staring out into nowhere enjoying the moment. Games were played of romp and roll and 'Chew your face off' is always a favorite. This game starts around the 3 wk. mark with wee pups and obviously as Isla and Tonka demonstrate in one of these photos continues to be a favorite.

Keep dreaming everyone and as we head into this chilly spell remember ...

'It's the most wonderful time of the year'


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