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****RE-HOMED 8 Mth. old Pup****

Updated: May 7, 2023

I have recently taken one of Sola's Past pups back in. ALL of my dogs that come from me are always ‘my dogs’ for life. I am now looking for a new suitable home for him. Here’s his info.

His Current name is River. If any of you have followed my blog stories for awhile you will know he was my Trooper baby from Sola's last litter.

He is an 8 mth. Old Male unaltered Golden/English Cream Retriever.

He is house trained.

Crate trained.

Eager to please.

Quick to respond.

Quiet. Calm. Content.

Following commands quickly.

Offering love left and right.

Loose leash trained.

Basic commands.

Ready to be introduced to a new family now.

His assesment/evaluation upon his return went phenomenal and he has a great eagerness to please which is extremely hopeful for his future. He is extremely quick to respond to commands and wants to exchange love and affection at every chance he can get.

Upon drop off he was showing signs of being anxious, nervous and edgy around loud noises. He was reacting to sounds that were over stimulating to him which was causing him to be unsettled. This was probably due to his transition. He has now been in my care for 24 hrs. and he's been very quick to respond to my calm and soothing nature, commands and stable energy. He's following everything that I ask of him. He is being patient, waiting, asking for direction, releasing toys, being compliant, and really being an over all good boy.

He comes from a exceptional background with fully Health tested parents that have an extremely strong structural background.

Both his parents Sola and Silas are here on my website if you are interested in looking them up.

I am only asking $1000 re-homing fee as I would like this transfer to be as smooth and as comfortable for everyone. He is a gorgeous boy that I have no doubt will blossom and one lucky family will be blessed to have him!

Thank you so much for considering taking this sweet boy into your heart and home.

If you are interested further, I would love to set up a meet and greet to see if this is a good fit!


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