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a week full of gratitude

Hopefully everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving holiday with much loved family and friends. So much to be grateful for. My kiddos laughed, giggled, cooked most of everything, played battleship and ate way too much for their tiny little selves. My heart is full.

Pumpkin pie aroma filled the air later in the evening as I snuck out the backdoor to share gratitude with the dogs and ok, maybe some pie as well. Of course I told them it was pie but really it was only plain pumpkin. Their gratitude was flying in all directions regardless of what type of 'pie' it was.

So grateful for each and every one of my pack as a whole and as individuals.

Sola has given back to me in more ways than I can count. Checking in with me when it matters the most. Her big beautiful presence in the pack brings joy to everyone she graces her presence with. The pups she's produced are astounding and all of them are doing nothing short of phenomenal today. I am grateful she alerts us to the stalkers behind the house (squirrels) and when there are too many leaves blowing down the trail. I let her know what a good job she is doing and reassure her she probably doesn't need to let me know about ALL the squirrels! but Thank you Sola, I am so grateful for you.

Meiko pours me with sweetness and constant presence to warm my soul. I am honored to have her as my steadfast shadow girl, always letting me know that she'll have my back at any time with a quick glance. I am grateful she is such a good mama and raises such beautiful babies for so many. Her pups are out in this world melting hearts and changing lives. Meiko sinks into my own heart and I am over the top grateful that simply being her quiet loyal self, she's changed my own life. I am so grateful for you.

Isla is endearing and perfectly balanced in all that she does. She blows me away at how she can so easily be playing one moment and then contently observing the next when she needs to check out. I thank her all the time for teaching me that time needs to be put aside to take care of yourself. She has a 'your welcome' smile on her face as she looks up at me leaning up against my leg. Her pups are going to be over the moon priceless. I have no doubt they will change the lives of so many. I am so grateful for you.

Leia has recently gained a more mature calm and sweet energy about her that floods our space and everyone around her. She's traded in her rowdy run the perimeter games for the occasional roll with the other dogs but mostly working her way through the pack spending time with each dog individually. She's taught me that everyone needs something a little different each day and delivered in its own way. The look splashed across her face is evident as she interacts with everyone in a special and unique way. I am extremely grateful for this reminder in my life. Thank you sweet darling Leia, I am so grateful for you.

And then of course my heart dog, my one and only, my boy who has knocked me off my feet and down right stolen my heart and soul. Gratitude overflows for him everyday. I'm always thankful for the time I get to spend with Tonka because what better time is there but Tonka Time! This boy continues everyday to teach me to be aware of needs, requests, hopes, wishes and joy to make sure that all these are passed on to everyone around me that I love so dearly. He is so incredibly tuned in to all his girls it's breathtaking to watch. He reads them perfectly, whether they need a warm close lean, a quiet distant companion to simply sit with, a sharp bite to the back of a leg to break focus from something distracting, a gentle chew to an ear to activate some acupressure points to put them in a calm trance or a speedy leader to initiate a quick game of 'how many times can we run through this tunnel before we get too tired' He's taught me to be more aware and tuned in to everything. Thank you Tonka for giving me such an incredible gift. I am so grateful for you.

To all the families I get the immense honor to work with along this amazing journey. I am grateful for each and every one of you, the love you have brought, the itchy anticipation i understand, the stories that you have so graciously shared, the grief you have so intimately shown, the healing that you have let me be part of and the joy that I've had the opportunity to pass along. I thank you all for adding to my own story and writing in those special details, I am so grateful for you.

As I bask in the early frosty chill of the morning all these unique qualities are abundant around me, in and out and twining around my legs.

All of them so happy to just be out sniffing around in their chilly surroundings making sure I know how much they love me. They say that 1 day to us is like 1 week to a dog so the next time you simply go to the store for a few hours and they pummel you with love when you get home, put this time frame into perspective.

Sola and Isla are doing fabulous and growing bigger by the day. Wee belly babies dance and hop around on my ultrasound screen showing me that everything is where it should be. Both mamas are still the ones under my hands most of the time with the other dogs sneaking in around through and under where and when they can to try to steal some scratches.

Sola goes in for her puppy count x-rays later this week so we will know how many families get to be blessed with these amazing pups.

Watch for that news on my fb page later this week!

Nursery prep is underway here! Pen panels and whelping boxes got pulled out. Work stations got organized and puppy essentials were sorted through. Everything will be set up by the end of this week so Sola can start to get cozy and work her way into her space. As I move around organizing, she quietly rests off to the side very much knowing what is going on. Isla isn't as on point with what all the shuffling is about but you can tell she's watching and getting used to the idea that something new is definitely on the horizon for her.

Big beautiful fluffy pups and honey splashed babes are constantly on my mind and in my thoughts every moment.

I put everything positive, healthy and strong towards what is ahead. I try my best not to let this new mysterious dog illness info creep into my thoughts and think about what that means for young vulnerable pups. I thank my lucky stars it's not right upon us but am crossing my fingers and toes it stays that way.

I'm not sure what this mean for puppy visits ahead but we'll cross that bridge when we need to. The health of my dogs and their pups is my utmost highest priority but puppy visits are one of the high lights of this journey so we will re assess down the road. One step at a time.

Thank you so much once again for being part of my journey so I am able to be part of yours. I am so grateful for you.


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