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A transition between chapters

The air thins, the outside world slows, the bustle comes down a notch. The thick puppy environment gets a bit cooler, a touch less frantic and yes, quieter. We miss the flowers but are so much loving all the updates, photos that are rolling in and all the love stories that are being created. Pups doing exactly what they have been taught, winning hearts and stealing souls. Strollers are putting on miles, new beds are being deserted for cold tile flooring, arms are being worked from carrying around heavier by the day pups and chapters are being written every single day. These are the stories that built my passion towards the excitement of new pups ahead soon.

No definite shifts for any girls just yet but everyone is getting flirty lately, a sure sign of a shift in the air in the very near future. I am blessed beyond belief once again to have many amazing new families on board here with me eagerly awaiting fur babies. Fluff monsters, baby sharks, cream puffs, golden glitter dispensers, cling ons, your little shadow. All the very best of what retrievers are meant to do.

It’s been a week full of one on one attention to each one of my dogs. Everyone is full speed around the yard, chomping on legs, pulling on tails, rolling with one another, and endless fur flying in every direction.

New treats get brought in, loads of ice parties were had, water play will be phased out soon but not without a couple last minute pool parties to close off the summer. Sola’s undercoat is coming in with a vengeance, Meiko is thicker than before pups, Isla is an glorious and lovelier then ever, Leia is perfection in perfection itself and dear sweet Tonka sinks himself deeper and deeper into my heart every moment.

My dogs each have a role here each day but then rotate each moment throughout the day. It’s astonishing to watch the patterns really, or I’m mesmerized by it at least! One has a role but then passes it off the next day, that dog switches gears and plays it off to the next so they can pick it up to transfer it off and back and forth throughout the weeks. A look, a smile, a cock of the head, a depth to their eyes, a shorten step, a snuggle just a bit tighter then the day before. They communicate perfectly, you just have to be willing to slow down to listen. Listen I do and I benefit every minute.

Tonka is exceptional at grounding me, crawling into my lap constantly to tell me to settle my heart to where it needs to be. Such a crazy astonishing dog. Isla nudges me up when I need it the most, Leia glances backwards checking in, Sola dives into my heart and Meiko smiles directly up at me healing everything and anything that is there that needs touching. I am blessed with my amazing pack.

No pups right now to fill the space but anticipation is high for a near shift. We are on high watch here and ready to make the next move in this new journey ahead.

Neglected projects get attention, the garden gets weeded, house work gets caught up, kiddos start new chapters, focus gets shifted to create balance everywhere. It’s what I do… it’s what I love….. for me, for you, for so many exceptional families. For now we wait, we plan, we anticipate the holidays, we enjoy cocoa on the patio and dream of future golden glitter in our homes.


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