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6 wk old GEM Pups

Thank you all for being patient with me while I catch up from my weekend! So much going on put me behind my normal Sunday Blog.

Pups explode with growth around me, Tonka grows and matures in front of my eyes and more pups on the way continue to plump Meiko out more and more each and every day. So much in the month ahead and so much to look forward!

The Gem pups are looking and acting like full grown real big little dogs now. Barking like they own this place, some more vocal than others, some more reserved than the next. Evaluations and assessments on each pup are getting very clear at this point which is the most exciting step for me. Matching these licky wiggily pups with eager happy families.

I'm not sure how this time has flown by so quickly and these beautiful Gems of pups are nearly into their last week here with me. Not quite on the last count down for these families but definitely for me! ha! Crawling up my legs, whining for one on one time in my arms, demanding food quicker and showing off their skills all the time. The craziness is in full force but in the best way possible.

Tonka keeps everyone settled, he's an exceptionally calm pup with a very calm demeanor that seeps into these pups as he walks through and around them. I see the magic of this happening all the time and once again am grateful beyond words that he is on board through this litter.

Puppy skills are being worked on, fine tuned, adjusted and practiced. Crate training is in full swing and right on schedule, potty training is near perfection, patience is... well we're still practicing. A different kind of water exposure got introduced this week with the break out of the pool. Everyone got a chance to dip their toes in and explore the new surface. The other dogs patiently waited their turn for the pool where Isla immediately jumped in without hesitation, Leia was soon to follow, Tonka was very curious but cautious. Sola was happy just to sit back and watch and Meiko of course was right under my hand as I captured the whole fest.

My Reindeer pups get together this weekend turned into a Finian visit for me as in the end unfortunately none of the other pups could make it out. The day was gorgeous and Finian was amazing. He is growing up to be such a calm sweet beautiful boy. He is near perfection in every way. It would have been nice to see his siblings as well but to spend time with just him was also fantastic.

I hope to see so many of you at the next group gathering soon! July 22nd Marymoor Park where each and every Hoekema Homestead Pup is invited! I know a few of you have confirmed in coming from litters a year ago, 2 years ago and of course the queen of my program is gracing us with her presence once again, my beautiful girl, Ginger. I can't wait to see you all!

Meiko's update is that she is getting BIG QUICK and EARLY! I'm going to guess 10 but X-ray confirmation comes July 7th so we still have 11 days to find out for sure. Yes, the day before the GEM pups go home! She is doing fabulous though despite her growing size. Sunbathing like crazy and loving life just like she always does. Her ultrasound images show little beans bouncing around in there just like we like to see at this point. Can't wait to keep this party rolling around here!

Pups got outside this week in the secondary pen to run their little legs a bit more, romp and explore. Very lucky families to be able to get a hold of one of these few gorgeous Sola pups! They are massively huge, incredibly thick and blocky just as I was expecting.

So many amazing families ahead with supporting these current families getting their new babes settled, working and chatting with these new Meiko families and even now into the Isla litter. I love all the joy and excitement that has been brought in.

I welcome each moment and know without a doubt I am exactly where I am meant to be, doing exactly what I was meant to do.


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