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6.5 wk. old bundles of joy

I look back at photos from the week and it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that so much growth and change happened and that so much took place within what seems like a very very short amount of time.

Gorgeous little real looking fluffy pups grew up in front of my eyes this week and took on a whole new mature look behind their soulful eyes.

Some connected, some played, some snoozed the day away. Personalities are busting out at the seams which is SO fun! Every single one of these pups is exceptional and has stolen my heart away. A very sweet and endearing litter that is also stealing families hearts as well in a very big way. 

The individual family visits took place one by one over the course of the last half of this week. Those itchy hands and hearts bursting got to spend time snuggling, squeezing, playing and connecting with their new forever soul mate. A couple more visits will take place today to conclude this chapter. My hearts soars being able to share these amazing little brings with so many happy families. This chapter of individual visits is time consuming but one of my most favorite chapters to share.

The week ahead will be filled with end chapter completion of everything that these precious little ones will need to fly out the door as grown big kid birdies. 

I will let these bushels of photos tell the weeks story more so than my words this week as my time is so incredibly limited at this point!

Love from all the birdies!


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