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Meiko's Current litter of pups are


***Now taking reservations for our upcoming summer litters

expected from Isla and Leia***

about us

About us

Quality starts with great passion.
We here at Hoekema Homestead Goldens live by passion and heart in all that we do everyday. 
I'm Cinnamon Hoekema and I am the heart and hands behind all that magically gets created here. 
My love for dogs was engrained in me as far back as I can remember. I connected with them in a way that shifted my heart and sparked passion to have a desire to dive deeper.
Golden retrievers are well known for being exceptional family dogs. They are eager to please, easily trainable, loyal, devoted, highly intelligent, gentle and have a love for their humans like no other. I truely have fallen for this breed.
I have made it my heart felt mission to help others connect with these amazing dogs in this same way. With connection, trust and love between humans and their dogs, so much more is possible. 

I strive to make your story more than just your next chapter in life but a whole passionate journey. 
As I take you onboard with us here, you will become part of our on growing extended fur flying family. 
You will get to meet in person and be connected through a private group chat to every one of the families that are also taking a pup home from your pups litter. They will be your future family and cheering support team moving forward. I will guide you, educate you, reassure and walk you through this journey from start to end, as this is only your beginning.


All our dogs here go through and are cleared through rigorous temperment, genetic and full and complete OFA & Pennhip health testing before being considered to join our program. I am committed and strive continually to pass along nothing but the highest quality pups with temperments that will steal your hearts for life. 
All our pups are lovingly hand raised with handling daily with age appropriate exposure. Music, car rides, stroller rides, crate training, potty training, water introduction, swimming, children, and more are part of their daily regime here. 
We also perform Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) on all our pups starting on Day 3. Great awareness and detailed attention is put into Early socialization.
In the weeks ahead as pups gain confidence in different environments, grow to be individuals and their personalities bloom and blossom, I make sure every detail of each pup is noted and honored.

Puppy matching is extremely important here for long term success for every one involved. 
We perform the Volhard puppy aptitude test to help us assess each of our pups.
I spend endless hours through close connected hands on time with the pups and discussions with you to make sure the right pup ends up in your home. 

Our team here would be honored to have the opportunity to be part of your story. 
Feel free to dive further into our website where there are many resources, heart felt testimonials to read, countless photos to go through of our dogs, past pups and our facilities here.
I would be honored to help you along this journey as you prepare to welcome your next best friend.

I am passionate about building a connection with everyone of the families I work with so please do not hesitate to reach out at anytime.

Warmest regards! 


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