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Waiting for Pups

My gorgeous Sola May hanging out with the gangly awkward growing leggy baby Leia, smiling as she knows she has secret plans that Leia has no idea about.

Both the 'babies' which aren't so little any more are going to be in heaven as they will be swamped with roly poly fur 'siblings' very soon. Isla is as big as Meiko at this point and Leia is close behind. It only takes a few short months for these babes to grow into their full size. They will continue to fill in for 2 full years but the height growth the first couple of months is shockingly fast.

This past week of heat was a bit rough, but we got through. Plenty of days in the pool, ice cubes in buckets and to munch on spread out on the mats. The sprinkler got left on in the dog yard which was a hit with all of them. My farm kids cooled down the farm kid way, in the horse trough! Of course they turned it into a girlie spa retreat with mint sprigs and ice cubes. No better way to do it on a 90 degree day!

As long as the hose stayed running into all my gardens, plants stayed relatively green, happy and vibrant. Waiting for you all to come in oh so soon for visits!

Sola is smack dab in the middle of hopefully bringing a new bushel of babes in. Women know the feeling of being right at that middle stage of pregnancy where you are looked at with that look of 'Is she getting a little chonky or is there a new baby on the way?' Don't ask! I gave Sola that look today and right on cue she eyed me with that 'Don't ask!' look. ok Sola but you're ultrasounds look awfully suspiciously positive to me! Yah! Give her another 5 days and it'll be extremely obvious.

Meiko is still delaying her journey a bit, silly girl. Very common for dogs to look like they are starting to cycle and then delay a bit so I'm not worried. Silas came to visit and said nope not ready, Vets checked her out and said nope, her levels came back pre cycle normal. I was hoping to have everyone on board all at once but it looks like these dogs just like keeping me (and you) on my toes a little more than I thought! I try to embrace it all with great positivity as I pass along this step in the process. Yet another chapter turning that you are part of...get to be part of along this way. Come on girl let's give these families some exciting news soon k?!!!

Meiko is all smiles all the time, my sweet happy girl. She'll make an amazing mama and hopefully bring even more amazing pups to a handful of lucky families. I'm so looking forward to this litter ahead. For now we all send all our best and will hopefully see some of you soon enough for visits and puppy snuggles.


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