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Time passes until pups

This is the stage where time just has to tick by and our patience is tested. Sola sends her love as she continues to be extra clingy looking up at me with her gorgeous calming eyes. Time passes and I'm sure everyone has stayed extremely busy with one big holiday behind us and another magical one on the horizon.

I hope everyone had an exceptional Thanksgiving and had the opportunity to hang out with as many loved ones as humanly and fur critter possible. We all here ate too much, walked a little further and smiled a bit wider. Big changes for so many are right around the corner and I am giddy with anticipation. I've had the chance to talk to so many amazing people recently it really truly warms my heart getting to know you all and what kind of magic is ahead for your family. I am honored to be part of it. I have great faith this year will start out with young baby fluff balls and put so many great families on the right path to start out this next year just a touch better than the last.

The skies opened up just long enough to get the dog yard re topped with chips before the rains fell once again in sheets and this time were relentless. As my late father always said "You told me it rained a lot here but I you didn't say A LOT A LOT!"

As I write to you all now the rain is endless, challenging so many people. The breaks where the sunshine comes out the dogs and I snatch up the opportunity to run and romp in the yard together before the weather blows back in again.

Sola flops onto my feet a little quicker and ends her races with Meiko a little sooner these days. I let her know the reward is right around the corner girl for you and for so many more. She springs back up when a squirrel taunts her making her forget for a brief moment her current 'condition'. The squirrels must come out in the spells of sunshine as well perhaps just to taunt the dogs. Oh what entertainment animals bring to our lives each and everyday. I look forward to being a part of adding to your families entertainment this next year ahead. For now, all our best to you from all of us here.


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