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The Magic of the Energy in your Dog

I was asked a long time ago, “How do you know you are truly in love?” For me, this was an easy answer “It’s like feeling a rainbow sing, it’s being licked by a sunrise, or engulfed by sunshine from the inside out” To some this is hard to comprehend I’ve found because rainbows do not sing and you certainly can’t feel a rainbow. Sunrises can’t lick you and the sun does not shine from the inside out.

The argument is pointless really, because how do you explain something to someone who has not lived in this feeling. Like a rainbow to a blind person or the sound of a baby’s laugh to a deaf person. Passion is the same concept. “How do you do it?” I was asked most recently, “How do live and breathe your dogs in a way that your sun shines without thought and your energy expels

without warning in every direction possible” "How do convey this to others and have them be pulled in to this passion of what you do"

For me, this is also an easy answer, yet another one without an answer at all. My passion for my dogs simply comes from my dogs themselves, it comes from being who they are and the energy they hold. Their energy fields are far more expansive than ours – 10x times that of a human’s to be exact.

'Like' energy creates 'like' energy and when you have a field 10x greater than your own, this becomes overpowering in the best way possible. It's almost impossible to avoid at this level. Use this past photo for a perfect example of this. The vibrations they exude seep into my soul each and every time I’m with them. This gets transferred to me in a way that feeds my passion here and what I do.

They give back, 10x greater, which makes me have the greatest desire to have the passion to give back to you. It's a phenomenal circle. So I remember way back from a long time ago and say, “My passion is like feeling a rainbow sing, it’s being licked by a sunrise, or engulfed by the sunshine from the inside out” I scratch Sola behind her ears as she tucks her head under my arm and I feel that rainbow sing. Meiko leans up against my leg and there it is, licked by a sunrise, Isla and Leia grin up at me and I’m instantly blinded by sunshine from the inside out.

This ‘long time ago’ question came to me 25 yrs. ago and it’s been my passion ever since, to try to convey what this truly is to me. It’s passing along the immense hope that not only will you get a happy, healthy, and joyous puppy, but it's helping you understand that this new puppy is not ‘just a puppy’ It’s a first time journey (for many), an experience (of renewed love for others), a sense of safety (for most), contentment, joy and a connection to something 10x greater than yourself (for all). I am passionate about feeding the energies around me and have made it part of my ongoing journey to give back to yours. This whole experience for me and what I do here always has a simply 'why' but has to have a greater ‘why’. This ‘why’ drives my journey, which drives my experiences and makes me more passionate to feed yours. The health of the dog is important yes, the amount of vet care is also, the nutrition is key but WHY I do this is just not because it makes me happy, not just about longevity, avoiding sickness, supporting structure, ect. It’s so I can pass along sunshine, singing rainbows, a sense of hope for love to bloom once again, stop tears and fill space with smiles for miles and an energy to engulf you from the inside out. It is my forever hope that you lay in your own sunshine by the love and passion for your own pup that I have been incredibly blessed to be able to raise for you.

As I look at the year ahead and all that it entails and all that I have the great honor to be part of, I am blessed beyond words to have each and every one of you be part of my journey. To be passionate for these dogs in the same way I am makes my ‘job’ so much easier. Sola has been adding to this energy field I’ve been talking about lately with taunting her squirrel friends as they come out of the wood work more and more as spring blooms around us. You wouldn’t think that squirrels are that smart but watching them come and go a little closer every day to the dog yard, grab a stray morsel of some kind and slowly walk off makes me think they are smarter than I think. Sola can’t seem to contain herself at times. I place my hands on each side of her face, pull her into me and quietly hum. It works every time. Talk about energy. Meiko is my leaner and asks to have her vibration fields cleared from the squirrel energy. We'll have to have a talk with these squirrels. I scrunch her skin up into my hand and work down her spin in this way one handful at a time. I recently pieced together and will hopefully post an article soon (waiting on copyright permissions) on my website about Chakras and Energy in dogs, what the importance of these are, how to clear and open them for optimal health. There are many ways and techniques to go about this but massage is one of the most common methods to do this and one that is frequently requested around here and rarely denied. My dogs and this breed in general is what I call a 'touch me dog'. They know their power, who needs it, where it's desired and how to disperse it in the most balanced way possible.

I don't think enough people realize that the energy field of a dog is 10x greater than ours. That 'jolt' you feel when you snuggle your dog is nothing short of real. From one study alone, people have a 24% risk reduction of death, 58% of respondents reported that their dog helped manage anxiety, 57% reported their dog helped with depression and an astonishing 84% of post-traumatic stress disorder patients paired with a service dog reported a significant reduction in symptoms.

No wonder people are drawn to come over to ask to pet your new pup. It's incredibly hard for them to resist, and the reason 'do not let, pup in training' vests are bright red! Once they get remotely near this field, their energy takes over and the magic of this beautiful pup starts to work to the deepest level into their core unbeknownst to them.

So as a couple of my pups are and have gone out into this world with great work ahead of them, (Miss Josie, Miss Sadie, Miss Sophie and Miss Peach, just to name a few), know without a doubt that you are going to change lives, shift energy, heal hearts, and add so much new meaning to so many people's lives. Without having to do anything at all, you will fly your fluff around within this bubble of energy and make an immense difference. Imagine what you could accomplish with just a little training, guidance, tasks and leadership. It's interesting to watch this energy at work around here. For example, My beautiful Isla girl has been pulling in visitors lately anticipating her pups later this year. Her zebra like honey colored self-sinks into people. Look at this coat and these curls!!!

This amazing girls shows eagerness to greet these visitors and melts upon their touch. She stops people in their tracks with just being her, and are instantly won over. This is not always the case though as you might think, because energy flows both ways. Just like the squirrels on the other side of the fence. They are hucking their wild energy fields at the dogs working my dogs up beyond their usual selves. I will talk to them today about this unnecessary behavior. Other families come in to visit Isla, same dog, different day, different energy. Isla wiggles uncontrollably despite her best efforts to please these new comers. This is not her usual self.. not even close. I hum and coo to her trying to bring her back to me. She lowers my levels even though I was the one trying to lower hers, despite her being in a heightened state. I watch this exchange as it grows, heightens even further, affects and infects our space. This girl is magical and I know she'll work this magic into the lives of whomever she was meant to. I rub her down releasing some points and she looks up at me and thanks me for trusting her. I am not only extremely lucky to have her part of my puritan here but part of my personal field.

So as Sola continues to be challenged by these naughty squirrels she also protects herself and her pups from this wild energy more and more lately. Just the other night the other 3 dogs were flying around playing keep away with one of their toys right before bed. Sola had her head tucked under my hand and her body hugging my leg as close as she could.

She observed from a distance and stay put right where she knew she wanted and probably needed to be. I trust her. Our night time ritual of a full body massage for the mama continues to take place as the others wrestle into the evening. Meiko tries to steal my other hand and often I give in and dish out a 2 handed massage to both girls. They melt into the ground. Heaven forbid if I shift my weight or gain a better position…for them, heads pop up instantly and the demand is immediate, making sure I’m not going anywhere. Sola crosses the half way mark now, working into the 2nd half with these little Gem babies. Today marks exactly 1 mth. To go before these perfect little gems greet the world and show their beautiful little squishy potato faces to you all.

The ‘belly bump’ is not quite visible yet to others even though I see the changes in her myself. Eagerly awaiting those Itty bitty otter like tails vibrating with their mass energy in their tiny bodies that they have yet to discover. I simply can’t wait to watch the magic within them capture your heart in a split second the moment you lay eyes upon them. The countdown is getting very real.


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