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Testing, Courting and SUNSHINE!

The sunshine today just gobbled everybody up! I am sure that was the case with just about everyone. Whether it was the beach that got attention, hiking trails, backyards, mowers or kiddie pools, the sunshine touched us all and gave us a lovely look into the upcoming summer months. Isla is becoming a real water baby lately. She splashes around in the kiddie pool pushing her face along the bottom as if pushing something around. She constantly in her water bucket in the yard, if it's not attached to the fence it doesn't last 2 secs. So Fun!

Always busy around here with something, dogs helping in every corner they can get their noses. Our first load of woodchips got put down over the mud in the dog yard. The dogs were slowly losing their color but having the time of their lives. I was slowly losing my mind! Wood chip day is always a hoot for all.

Sola and Isla went down South with me last weekend to get their eyes certified and re-certified. Both did amazing and we all had a great trip. Isla cleared with flying colors and Sola got cleared once again no surprises. The doctor and staff gave both dogs lots of love and attention and doted on them endlessly.

My daughter Loa came along with me and helped the clinic while we were there spontaneously (which they loved!) with the overload of dogs and families that needed care that day. Beaming mama watching her zip around fully confident in what she is doing. She's been working with me for years now but is now working in a vet clinic full time herself as she also is starting college getting her vet tech degree. What an amazing addition around here!

So a couple hours South turned to a couple hours North today to take Sola courting with Silas. What a gorgeous day to be on the road. Mountains on one side, haybales on the other. Windows fully down giving Sola all the breeze she wanted and deserved.

Sola is still very much within the normal timeframe of when she is suppose to start this journey with you all. I wish it was more set in stone but it never is. She got the chance to play with a couple of other girls today that were currently in heat with the hope that we could 'pull' her into heat a little quicker. We weren't trying to toy with mother nature just perhaps motivate her just a touch! Courting was a blast and the couple got the chance to romp, play, assess each other and get acquainted a little more. It's all a dance really. I I upped Sola's Vit. B this past couple of weeks which helps with her cycle and her up coming breeding. Meiko also got put on it so IF they come into heat at the same time (oh my get ready) we are prepped, healthy and ready to rumble!

Silas is a real doll especially for being an in tact male. He did what he was suppose to today and then was courteous to Sola and respectful to me. It's exactly what you look for in a male when you are pairing them up. I am so super excited to have him on board with us here until we get our own stud in in our program. He's gorgeous as all get out and I know without a doubt he'll throw some phenomenal pups with both our Sola and Meiko here before the year is out. We finished off our weekend with 'gotcha day' for kittens for 8 lucky families who came in with beaming smiles. If we aren't doing puppies, we are raising kits. Sunrise to sunset around here but if it involves the heart, I'm there.

As time passes I know the end of the year is going to be a touch more busy than usual. It's what I live for though and just can't wait to get these beautiful pups into each of your arms this year. For all of you that are waiting for pups next year, you can sit back, enjoy the ride, watch the updates and anticipate your fur babe coming to you soon. It's been a gorgeous weekend for sure. I hope each and every one of you got the chance to dabble in what you love. We'll be in touch very soon!


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