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Sweet Pups 2 wks. old

SO much change this week for these Sweet pups! Looking so much more like little puppies this week and less like squishies.

Eyes came open at a record breaking 9 days old. They are still squinty out in the light of the world but the more I bring them outside the better they adjust.

The weather has allowed us to be out and about more this week without the nip of the freezing rain. Stroller treks around the property have been quite glorious and on the days that the clouds open up briefly for only a quick walk about the yard, the front sling pouch works great. Each pup gets rotated around in and out of the pouch.

Big kid collars got strutted around and little legs got immensely strong quite quickly. They wobbly little sea legs didn't stay wobbly for long as they got the hang of truck'n around the box pretty fast. Caramel is leading the pack with his weight and with his color. Both very obvious! Monk Fruit and Honey are close behind with their coloring leaving Sugar, Stevia and Agave pretty light.

Squeals fill the nursery space from every edge nook and cranky. The Mountain pups sing to the music and the Sweets 'harmonize' Music/noise/sound exposure is in full swing now that the Mountain Pups are fully able to take in the sounds of the outside world. The Sweets follow allow and are not that far behind the Mountain babes. The Sweets just get the advantage of having 'intro' classes before the scheduled exposure classes. The doorbell gets a ringing every time I come to 'visit'. No barking Sweet pups!

Ice Baths got given this week for water exposure but also as stress/recovery training. Each pup will learn that they will be just fine even when they are pushed out of their comfort level. A very important skill. The Mountain pups spent more time in the bath than these Sweet pups, so by next week it's swim time! ok maybe 5 sec. standing time.

Mama is doing exceptional as a 1st time mama, aware and alert but not obsessive or frantic which is great. She's calm, attentive, careful and in love.

How could you not be with these faces???!!!!

Meiko has very eagerly volunteered to be the stand in Auntie for when mama wants to be outside for a bit longer, cleaning up the pups as if they were her very own. I wouldn't be surprise if this behavior alone will kick her into high gear and get her next journey here started towards more pups very soon. She's still on watch of course but hasn't shifted as of yet. I'll keep up with this Auntie/puppy time and I'm sure her time will be right around the corner.

I spend way too much time sitting in their box listening to them hum, breath, snuffle and then work up into a quiet whine, slight song and then a searching cry. Way too much? is that a thing? my nose sinks into their fat rolls or their little frog bellies. I notice that Stevia is the first one awake and Caramel the last. As time goes on, I note these behaviors and see if they repeat or not. All helpful as I carefully figure out who is meant for who and what path each pup will be destined to take.

Soak up every inch of these love bugs at this age and with these faces, as by next week they will be whole new little dogs on their way to looking like real life actual pups.

Love from Caramel, Monk Fruit, Agave, Stevia, Sugar and Honey.


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