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Reunions, Breedings, Cycles, Birthdays and more

Week to week, day to day, things ebb and flow, come on fast and furious with a mission and then smooth out for a bit. Busy and bustle then peaceful and quiet things cruise along in between the excitement of life around here. I take every opportunity I possibly can while I have it in the middle of my bustle chapters to touch base, make connections, fill up cups, and do what I can to create the most balance in what I do here. I made the time to visit with a few of the Reindeer Pups in the last couple of weeks which was fantastic and now this past weekend we had a Reindeer pups get together! 8 out of the 9 pups were scheduled to come and play and in the end 6 could attend. Even at 6 it seemed like a 'herd'. It was hosted by Rudolph's/Finian's amazing humans on their breath taking property. The weekend started out with my steadfast sidekick/partner of a daughter and I spending the night with Finian to spend some extra time with him which was amazing.

The day was quite wet and the land oozed with mud, dirt, wet fire charcoal, low tide muck and enough of it to coat the 6 babies for hours. Despite the rain everyone keep a smile on their face and a pep in their step. People brought doggies snacks to share (thanks to Theo's amazing humans!), other snacks for the guests, lots of stories to share and enough joy was spread around to make the gloomy day the brightest one around. All the pups did amazing with each other, phenomenal on their hike down to the ocean, left an impressive hole in the bon fire pit and did pretty darn good with their group photo.

It was Mama Meiko's birthday on the same day which made it just a touch more special, if that is at all possible. Happy Birthday sweet Meiko girl!

By the end of the reindeer puppy 3 hr. playdate the babes were so tired that they fell almost unconscious before they hit their car ride for the way home. Finian checked out all on his own, went up to his house and went straight to bed. Dearest Finian, thank you to you and your priceless family for hosting such a remarkable memorable day for everyone. Until we meet again in the summer up on Magic Hill, next time sweet babes , until next time...

I'll jump back to earlier in the week.... our sweet lovely honey colored Isla Girl stepped over another milestone with us here, one more step closer to honey babes in the fall. I will bred her late summer/early fall, with pups arriving fall/winter. Whether Sola pulled her into heat or not, we'll never know, but she definitely has this milestone to put behind her giving me a closer date on my calendar to look forward to. So the families with me that are indeed waiting for a gorgeous honey Isla pup, you are also one step closer to your forever fur babe with her.

For some, this very much may be the most exciting news to report here today... Our Sola girl has now successfully completed her breeding week and is on another journey to hopefully bring a whole new bushel of little... giant Sola pups to many eagerly awaiting families soon! I am ecstatic beyond belief to not only push forward with another litter of pups, but to work with another 'litter' of families to get them what I know will be down right gorgeous Sola pups soon. These photos below were taken after she got home from her dates and played in the hose for awhile on one of our warmer sun shiney days. She's a bit soggy but as you can see, happy as a clam. and then this middle photo of her is a younger shot with her summer nose! Right now she's sporting her winter 'pink snow nose' in it's full glory! either way we love her dearly and she's gorgeous in any nose color that she brings, wet or soggy, clean or sparkly.

This next Sola litter, I have decided will be my 'Gem' litter - Opal, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Jade, Amber, Pearl, Topaz, & Onyx...tentatively of course. By the end of this month I'll have an ultrasound image to confirm pups on the way, an x-ray image to share by the end of next month and then we should have pups on the ground due right around May 9th. For the families waiting for these pups, I can't wait for the pages, chapters, journey and stories ahead that these pups will create for you all. Just as a little sneak peek of what's ahead, here's a glance back at just a small handful of some of Sola's beautiful past pups.

With Meiko celebrating her birthday yesterday, we all gave her some extra love. Theo's family sent me home with a birthday cake that they brought for her that she devoured with what else, but the signature Meiko smiles for miles. I lay on the floor as she flattens herself on top of me and gives me kisses thanking me for such a wonderful day. Your welcome sweet girl... now can you remove yourself from me now please?!!! The signature retriever maneuver, the cling!

As far as timing for her next pups arriving for families ahead, she may be as early as now (since 2 girls here are in heat now) but since she went an extra 2 mths. 'late' last time round, I'm really not expecting her to cycle back around until May, just so everyone is clear on expected timing for these pups.

The rain comes down in sheets around me as I type this up, blowing and blustering, soaking everything in it's path. Yesterday at the puppy gathering might have been wet but at least we didn't have this down pour that is happening now. My dogs here this morning barely peeked their faces out the door this morning enough to dart out to have a quick morning break and went right back in where it was warm and cozy. They don't really mind the wet or cold but the sheets and sheets of rain isn't quite 'just moisture'. We'll settle for a few quick romps today, some extra naps (can I join in on that deal?!) and a warm place to tuck our noses into.

All our best to everyone this week, past families and new, eagerly waiting or just happily joining, we all send the best doggie love your way as we spread good tidings to all, great news ahead, and many happy moments created for the future of what's to come for so many.


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