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Reunions, Birthdays, Dates & Ultrasounds

Working at all different angles with many different things, at different times, with different ebbs and flows, I am pushed out a day later than I usually update everyone!

I try to grasp a moment where to submerge myself into and unfold into my life and what I have been presented with day to day. The stories flood into my life everyday opening up avenues for new opportunities for me, you, families, couples and many more. All these moments in time get sorted and filled and I get to be a blessed part of it all.

Saturday once again at Luther Burbank Park we not only celebrated a 1 year puppy birthday with a past litter but we got pups to join us from further back, more current, and yes retired mama Ginger graced us all by getting her family to bring her and her sister to join in this celebration. All the 'babies' were very similar and got lost amongst each other. Some a bit taller, some a bit smaller, a bit more fuzzy and all happy as ever to see their brothers and sisters. Pupcakes and cupcakes were brought by families, gift boxes were handed out by other families, bandanas and bowties were shared and smiles were exchanged at every angle you turned. Future families that are joining the Hoekema Homestead Family by the end of this year also joined us to get a glimpse into what their futures will look like soon enough. It was a get together that I hope will turn into a full blown reunion of all the HH pups down the road. One for the books everyone.

Talking with so many people, giving and exchanging all the details of what's been happening, what's to come, what's entailed in the in's and out's of my life here brought up the topic of communication. Ever so important but ever so minimal amongst us in general. Most of the families that I stay in touch with, I stay in touch with for many years down the road. I love every minute of it. I stay in touch with you all throughout this process because I feel it's important to not only keep you up to date on the glorious announcements that come up but also to give you a real life look inside so you can get an idea on how non predictable this predictable breed is. Not in the breed itself par se but the process it takes to get from point A to point B. For all the families that have waited oh so patiently for Sola to run into her time getting ready for pups know this all too well. I am transparent and trusting along this way and I hope you all will do the same. So yes, I pass along updates, maybes, shifts, hopes, steps, time frames getting pushed out, and everything in between. This is life, it's not always exactly laid out.

So as I say this I take yet another phone call letting down another family that no, I do not have puppies 'on my back shelf' I am grateful to each and everyone of you that I have on board that are committed to this process no matter what. Here's a few loving pictures of Meiko getting up on my lawn chair with no concept of personal space whatsoever. I hope you all realize that these dogs want to love you right up into your face at all times!

Meiko has thrown another chapter into this story of mine. A very common chapter of no concern to give time to. She is delaying this process a touch just like my Ginger did for a week with her last heat cycle and many other dams do as well. They come into heat and then lag for a week or so and then we jump right into breeding week. These dogs are always keeping me on my toes. They must think I need the extra challenge in this story! Silas came for a Meiko date today and both dogs did exceptional. Silas sporting his big gorgeous Lion Mane and Meiko shining her ear to ear smile for her 'friend'. It was not quite time for this pairing to happen but it was extremely beneficial to get these 2 together to spark hormones, speed along the process and to ease jitters ahead. You can tell by these pictures that it was a fun time for them both.

Here's yet another hopeful 'maybe' to this story in our journey together. It's early so keep this in mind. But I'm still sharing in the spirit of loving communication with this write up tonight. I ran the ultrasound on Sola today and it's so hard to see little 'beans' this early but I am hopeful that indeed those little blips of spots that are where they were indeed suppose to be were Sola Pups! The girls practiced on our cat to see if they could get a better image... of something but being a neutered male of course they didn't see much! I'll run the ultrasound over her every couple of days from here on out to see if I can get a better picture and a better confirmation of pups here in a few.

The weather is going to be off the charts here the next few days so it delays my puppy yard building project a bit but I am really in no rush so I play with the dogs in their pool instead. The dogs love their spools, partly sun bathing, partly cooling off in the shade. As I dig holes or work to hang the gate, the dogs are 'supervising' perfectly. Sola looking like a million bucks, Meiko looking perfectly lovely, and then Isla and Leia closely watching anything they can learn from anyone. It's just built into a retriever to do this. Soul searching, task searching, sit, lay down, back up, what's next mom?! Their nature melts my heart everyday. My hope is your heart will be melted as well. All those that have the opportunity to welcome a beautiful Sola pup or a smiling Meiko pup I am overjoyed for. For all those that have waited, all those that might have to wait just a touch more, all can continue to kick back as you know without a doubt that your moment in time in this chapter will be upon you soon, oh so soon...and I am once again blessed with just being a simple moment in time to help you get there.


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