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Reindeer Pups 2 wks. old.

I'm jumping the gun by a day to get this out to you all so I don't have an extra task to do on Christmas Day and to make sure you all get a moment to pull up this update before you get fully captivated with family, the joy of the bustle and the excitement of the day.

This week seems like it went by in a flash but on the other hand seems like it was exponentially longer because of how much these amazing wee babes accomplished.

The pictures from this week vs. last, are night and day.

Look at Rudolph in this picture, almost looking like a real little puppy now! They sported their Christmas get up for their 2 wk. old photos.

Looking so grown up, dapper and beautiful. The 'littles' Prancer, Comet, Blitzen and Dasher are wee, mighty and cute as ever. My 'middles' Vixen, Cupid, Donner and Dancer are all perfectly perfect in every way. Then you have the leader, the one pulling the whole team, lighting the way, showing off with his big mighty self.... Rudolph. It's interesting that he's the biggest and his assigned name from the get go was Rudolph. I love this. 💖

The snow came in for just about everyone, everywhere in some form and to some degree. The dogs absolutely loved every inch of it and wanted to stay out in it all day. Leia often sat up on top of the spools with one of her many toys in her mouth at the end of a long day playing in the snow as if to say, "no it's ok, you go on ahead, I'll be fine out here all night" Leia!!!

The pups got to see the glow of the snow and smell the fresh air around them. Tucked into blankets into coats each one got a walk around so to get a sense of what was around them. They got pulled out for some pictures, very briefly mind you, to showcase how much growth they have accomplished this week. The Ice rolled in and everything came to a bit of a halt. Yesterday as all the ice was melting, it was falling from the trees in huge chunks. Yikes! Not much playtime was had after that for everyone's safety. More time to snuggle with babies inside!

I make the best out of the weather given to make sure as many opportunities are being presented as possible. Water play is definitely more tricky to introduce to the pups in the winter than in the spring but we'll see how we can get creative this time round and get these babies swimming before they go home! The spring babies will get easier access to a kiddo pool which they love so I'm looking forward to the warmer weather ahead.

All the pups eyes are open but still very much developing, so as light gets in they are still a bit squinty so it's hard to see their eyes are now wide open. Easier to see in the inside pictures vs. the outside ones. Next week it'll be their sense of hearing. I have Christmas music playing for them almost constantly so when they do catch a small tune of Christmas for the first time, they will hear that first note as that sense starts to develop. From there they will have a chance to decide if they want to stay Christmas, test out Jazz, a taste of Classical, a touch of rock or dabble in the blues. I'll ask around and see what they decide. From there it'll transition onto a chorus of traffic (not so nice but equally necessary) an array of endless firework display noise clips and looping 'tunes' of the everyday hustle and bustle of life. All highly important to desensitize them to what's ahead for these strong and brave little reindeer pups.

Each pup got to go out for another drive this week in pairs and had the opportunity to catch some gorgeous sunshine along the way. They were perfectly happy all bundled up and as long as they were with their people then they were content. This is exactly what we want, perfectly retriever in this amazing way.

They all got a couple of 1st time meds this week and didn't even bat an eye. The girls are more lovely by the day and the boys are more dapper by the minute. They are starting to sing a bit more especially when mama comes back in to their space. Their box will get doubled in size later this week as they are getting more mobile and want a bit more room to stretch their legs. 36 legs is a lot of legs to get a stretching! They will start to play with each other this week, always starting out with the game of 'let's see if your head will fit inside my mouth'. Retrievers oh so oral! A good reminder as they grow to watch those socks laying around, extra sticks in your yard and yes even plants and rocks can be consumed. Lovely!

Solid food will be introduced next week as they start their 3 wk. Transition off of Mama Meiko. 3 wks. On, 3 wks. Transition and 2 wks. Adjusting to solid food while just being around mama but not nursing. Here's Blitzen in this photo above doing acrobats just to get to where she needs to be to 'survive' Yes, mama Meiko will be good and done with them nursing soon so the 'abuse' of the acrobats off her tummy will stop!

This transition is all in preparation to them flying off to their forever homes in a very short 6 wks. Time. I know this time will crawl for some but really truly it will be behind us before we can blink an eye.

Sola and Isla are on watch now and my focus will soon turn once again to a new litter list to be blessed with all over again. This snow and ice will turn to rain and crocuses and spring babes will be in the air before we know it.

For now my heart and soul stays focused on these current little Reindeer Pups that we all have been overly blessed with this Christmas Season. I will give them all an extra squeeze, kiss and snuggle from all the families so eagerly waiting for them so soon.

Sola sends her warmest love your way, Isla sends exuberant joy and Leia sends sweet kisses to everyone this Christmas eve. And of course, Meiko and the Reindeer babies send furry, warm, wet and wonderful, sweet kisses and snuggles to all this Christmas eve saying MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!


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