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Pups have arrived.....

Pups have arrived..... but with a very sad ending…..

It is with overwhelming heart breaking sadness that I have to share this news with you all.

We have just been through 3 incredibly long and devastating days. It is with great sorrow to have to share that we have lost 8 out of Sola’s 10 pups that many had their heart and soul set on and many were waiting to for this exciting happy news for us all. 4 Females and 6 Males in the litter and now only 1 male and 1 female are still here with us.

I can barely piece my words together here so bare with me…..

Sola went into natural labor 7am on Thurs. We were all excited and ready for this very exciting event.

The 1st pup was obviously in immediate distress. He was whisked away by one of my daughters to our personal Vet for immediate Oxygen assistance, It was ‘agonal breathing’ and it’s body was shutting down. It did not survive.

2 pup was also gone upon arrival.

3rd pup and 4th pup were ok but quite small.

4th pup was again gone upon arrival.

By this time (5pm) way too much time was passing in between pups and her contractions were nearly ceased altogether. My heart was breaking into a million pieces by this point.

I wasn’t going to waste any more time, I needed to try to save the remaining pups. My whole team bolted in every direction, packed bags and we were all off to the ER Vet in Mt. Vernon. Sola in the back and her 2 babies tucked under beside her.

X-Rays showed that there were 5 remaining pups still in Utero that needed to try to be saved. An emergency C-Section was immediately performed but unfortunately all 5 pups had no heart beats and so sadly, did not survive and did not get the chance to spread their love. Their little wings took them up all too soon.

The shock of this news was unbearable. As we stood in the parking lot of the emergency clinic we were glued to our places. We had waited for hours pacing hoping for a lot better news. There was nothing more we could do, so we waited... waited for Sola, waited to wake up hoping this was all just a really bad nightmare. Sola did indeed recover over the next few hours there and we were finally released around 1am.

By 2 am Sola and the remaining 2 pups (1male & 1 female) were tucked in with me right by her side.

These 2 remaining pups are quite small and are still fighting for their lives with my whole team doing everything we can to pull them through. I’ve been around the clock for the past 3 days hooking these pups up to nurse every hour. My eyes barely shut as I am pouring every ounce of my being trying to give everything I can to these remaining pups. We started on formula and bottles and sugar water this morning to supplement them so I am crossing my fingers with everything I’ve got that this will pull them through. I am working in 20 min. increments all day.

Sola is on antibiotics and pain meds but has an abundant milk supply so that’s great for these last 2 fighting babes. She is on the mend.

This is not by far the outcome any of us had hoped for, and not the outcome I expected in the slightest especially since Sola’s last litter went flawlessly. Whether this was a touch pre mature, some sort of infection or something else, this is extremely rare and not unlike anything I’ve seen or the ER Vet has ever heard of.

These past 3 days after filling up my cups with tears of sorrow, I spent endless hours on the phone with my breeder connections, multiple Vets, resources and other areas to try to get answers. All this will be an ongoing work in process. I don’t know what Sola’s future will hold but I am working at pulling in my resources to get more info. To make this very important decision moving forward.

I am over the top devastated of this outcome and I am incredibly sorry to have to share this news with you all in this form. I wish with my whole heart that my words writing today were completely 180.

I’m sorry this is on the short side but my time right now is so restricted and my emotions are running extremely high. My mind is all over the place but I know I must push forward, for these last 2 remaining pups and to see the light at the end of this terrible darkness.

I am thanking the heavens today that Meiko didn’t have pups on the ground at the same time as this happened as I don’t know how well I would have faired. I am hopeful that Meiko pups soon will bring a new joy, a new brightness to lift this dark cloud that I and so many of you will have to go through. For now she looks on with irresistible smile wondering if she can do anything to lift the thick air that is around us all. Her smiley energy is enough all on it's on.

My heart and all my time is consumed with these 2 surviving pups. Please send prayers, good vibes, positive energy and/or all your best as we fight for life.

May the next chapter be brighter, happier and filled with more beautiful fluffy pups. Before my screen goes blurry once more, I send my best, Sola sends hers and I’ll send word when I can on the progress around here.


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