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Pups have arrived!

It is with the utmost excitement that I am honored to bring you the amazing news of the arrival of our most recent litter of pups!

It was a slow start for Sola as she felt the onset of labor a little early but she was a trooper and with coaching from all of us here she keep that endearing smile on her face the entire time. Sola's little sister Meiko was very excited about all the extra action around but Sola was just flat out annoyed that she didn't seem to understand that playing just wasn't in her cards right now. My girls were right there to back me up though and gave Meiko extra love, lots of solo time and one on one attention which any retriever thrives on of course.

The last couple of days were a bit of a long haul but Sola handled the whole thing exactly the way nature intended and is now nursing, cleaning and loving her sweet babes in the most perfect way ever. Each and every wiggly bundle is healthy, active, the perfect weight and very loud! just like we like them! January 9th was a very good day.

It is my pleasure to introduce to the world Hoekema Homesteads newest additions!


*The Girls* *The Boys*

1- Asteroid - Pink 5- Comet - Grey 2- Supernova - White 6- Cosmos - Blue 3- Nebula - Red 7- Eclipse - Yellow 4- Galaxy - Purple 8- Gravity - Green

These next few days are going to be filled with tons of nursing, loads of snuggles, lots of sleep, intense bonding and a mass amount of growing. I'll keep everyone here updated the best I can as these beautiful squealing bundles of love grow before our eyes but if you also want more pics. sent out to anyone feel free to contact me directly and I'd love to share.

Home visits are scheduled for the first weekend in Feb. so mark your calendars for that and then the pups 'gotcha day' is the first weekend in March. Congratulations to all who are on this 'space litter' ride and for those watching with us, ENJOY the babies!


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