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Pups 7 wks. old

The 'Space' babies time here with us is rapidly approaching. The week ahead I know will be filled with bitter sweet moments. My heart is warmed though with the thought of so many of you itching to get your hands on these amazing balls of floof.

Each pup has really grown up this week blossoming into a confident little big individual. They are all showing such key retriever traits it's actually quite phenomenal. They come and sit next to you even though their sibling may be trying to take a chunk out of their tail. It doesn't phase them in the slightest. Or they will be spinning in a full blown wrestling match with each other, you'll scoop one of them up and they will stop instantly and melt into your lap. 'Lap' dogs for sure.

It's been a touch easier to care for them this week with their routine being settled in more and more. As 'easy' as it is to take care of 8 pups can be! Their personalities have really surfaced this week and I'm honing in on what behaviors are being repeated as I spend hours out in their yard with them. It's been amazing to watch.

The snow this week that came in was another thing that didn’t really phase the babies. They loved every inch of it and took full advantage of every corner of their yard. They are spending more and more time outside giving them a great appreciation of the great outdoors.

Sola is now completely done weaning the pups and I will be there to help her keep the tyrants away from here when the babes don't want to listen. Having a week as transition time will make the separation easier. The pups are eating like little monsters lately growing a mile a min. They are now on their 6th bag of puppy food! A couple of the boys have pushed past the 15 lb. Mark by now. Healthy and strong!

They all got a few sessions of individual time out on collar and leash and they did amazing. Such brilliant little learners. Nighttime potty habits are also coming along and will be well on their way by the time they go home at the end of this week. They got split up more and more as well this week and I will continue to do so the next few days. I'm excited beyond belief for the families that get the opportunity to bring one of these sweet bundles into their homes. This was my dream litter that I had hoped was going to turn out phenomenal and each babe has exceeded my expectations way past what I had ever hoped for.

Pups all go to their baby check at my vet on Friday. Always a fun field trip out for all. The office staff love the puppy days as it's not every day that they get a happy fun appointment on their hands. One of my daughters now works under the wing of my trusted vet so she brings home all the inside stories of the vet world. Such a hard profession but one worth every ounce of sweat and tears in our opinion. She has picked up a strong passion for animals that she pours into these pups here. She is the one by my side as my trusted side kick doing all the vaccinations, de-worming and microchips. It really is a family affair around here. Spring is definitely in the air these days and other families are getting eager to lock in plans for the year ahead. I have had the opportunity to share these babies with quite a few new families over the past few weeks. It's been great for the pups to get extra hands on them, wonderful for my dogs here to get extra time to be social. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying the connection. The incoming families have been over the moon excited to snuggle their noses into some fluffy slightly earth covered baby fur in the anticipation of adopting their own pup later this summer. The baby cycle never ends around here! It's where my heart and soul are and I enjoy sharing every moment of it immensely with so many of you. I hope you are pulled into the life of the 'Space' pups through these photos and see how adored they all are. Love to all from all of us here.


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