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Pups 6 wks. old

The abundance of joy, bliss and crazy amusement around here is endless. Tails are

trying to get shortened, faces are attempting to be chewed off, fur is in high competition to the color of the outside dirt, bark and kibble are also in high competition with one another and feet are up to the sky as much as they are on the ground. The hilarity of each moment fills the air with giggles, smiles and down right rolling belly laughs. We don't have a shortage of frolicking fun around here that's for sure.

Not to say we don't have our challenging moments though! Just yesterday morning I must have left my new roll of paper towels inside the puppy pen when I left for the night. Oh what a party they must have had. I went to greet them at the crack of dawn to find the whole roll of paper towel shredding into a million little pieces scattered over every inch of their pen mixed in with everything else for a glorious eruption of post party glee. The looks on their faces was an overwhelming ear to ear prideful grin like they had created the best gift for me ever. How could I be mad at faces like that?! especially since it was my bad in the first place leaving the paper towels 'just for them' is what they were probably thinking. Oh my.

The pups now are on their full speed ahead growth ramp with each day looking more and more grown up. They look like real little puppies now with just that little something extra around their middle causing those wee paws to go skyward as they navigate the terrain out in their play yard. The warmer days lately allow the pups to be outside for more extended periods of time. They recently got the freedom to play out in the main yard to run to their heart's content, eat grass, be nose to nose with chickens and get lost amongst the trees in the blink of an eye. Within seconds of being let loose there is a pup in every inch of the yard. The very next second each babe is crying, realizing very quickly that their new found freedom has actually separated them from each other and everyone's whining, needy to be back together. Back into a puppy pile they go napping once again to be able to keep up with their speedy growth rate.

Each pup is doing incredibly well with their potty training, getting along with others, napping independently in their crate and their overall manners throughout the day. These last 2 weeks here we'll really hone in on their skills that they have learned and get them one more step closer to that smooth transition over to their new forever families.

They'll go out on leash and collars this week to get a feel for something a little extra around their neck. Big kid collars will get snapped on temporarily for short little walks around the yard. Their baby collars got removed recently and small discrete clipper marks got clipped into their coats for alternative identification. At this point in the game, collars become just that, a game. Something to chew off your sibling, swallow, get stuck and create possibly a very serious issue. We had a pup from our last litter here that got a hold of their siblings collar and did exactly that the day before she went home. It caused her 3 days of misery of crying, digestion issues and her new family undue stress and worry. It resolved on its own which was incredibly lucky for everyone but since that situation collars are strictly baby items. For those re-visiting this week we'll have to see if the puppy you were gravitating towards previously is the same pup who wins your heart this week with them being un-marked!

The rain came back in yesterday making it the 'perfect' playground for running, rolling and exploring the incredibly wet mucky yard. Oh what fun the babies had! Towels get washed daily around here in an attempt to keep everyone remotely close to clean. I'm not sure I was half successful this morning. But we were definitely successful in having loads of fun coating every inch of fur in the wonders of the wet muddy outside world. The countdown is on from here on out for everyone in this final stretch of time as you get ready for the ultimate 'touch me/leaner' dog.

Shopping lists should be nearly completed by now with orders placed for the heaps of toys and chewies. For all the families who are following us and these pups in anticipation for summer pups, I will be contacting you very soon. For everyone else, by all means enjoy these pics. And bask in the puppy love along side us.


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