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Pups 3rd Week

I have to look back at last weeks post to remind myself that all the milestones that took place this week were indeed only within this week!!!

Whelping box got broken down and their space got a bit bigger, outings continued, handling daily, music got pumped into their nursery with a great response, sunshine made rainbows on their glowing coats, big dog visits were had, nail and feet care continued, lots of snuggles and kisses were delivered.

Their faces changed so much this week!

The biggest hit by far this week though has been FOOD! Fat little bodies just shake, quiver and wiggle with pure excitement. Their fat otter tails vibrate and wag like they are their own entity. Faces plunge into bowls for a second and then the next sec. into their siblings bowl beside them convinced they have something better or more. They climb over the top to check out the next set of bowls and toes take grip into the back bowls.

This way of feeding does not last long for obvious reasons! Once this introductory stage is complete in a few more days, individual feedings will be implemented. Meals in their individual crates will ensure each pup gets their own portion of food but it will also take away this food frenzy behavior. Everyone can relax, take it slow, eat at their own pace, no litter mate food guarding will root, and each pup will get the proper nutrients that it should.  

With their crates up, this will also start the all very important crate training that's ahead as well. Meals and nap times will take place in their crates and they soon will grow to love this space for the future. This training starts with only a minute at a time working up to a few and soon up to a 'settle' in another week or 2. 

More stroller rides were had this week as soon as the chill of our days turned over to almost what we can call hot for this time of year!  

The other dogs basked and soaked up the rays endlessly. Watermelon feasts took place in 8 secs. Flat. Ice cube feasts and pool splash time will also soon be taking up plenty of time in our days. 

Since this is a spring litter, outdoor pool time will be able to take place for these pups! They will still get their bathtub swimming lessons but splash time is always such a fun activity if the weather allows.  

This week strength came quickly to little legs and confidence was gained in leaps and bounds. Up onto and off the potty trays was very successful. Wee whines and yips turned into proper barks and growls. Everyone picked up speed and started to spin, wiggle and play. No fear was shown with their 'mirror friends' whom got plenty of passing kisses. 

Mama Meiko is right on schedule with what she should be doing. She voluntarily went to her crate yesterday instead of the nursery to take an afternoon snooze. This will soon turn back into her nighttime location away from hungry mungry demanding little capable monsters. She peers into her space looking down at them.. "I'll come in for 10 secs. But that's all your gonna get because real food is coming in a minute!" 

Here's another bushel of cute little mug shots that I hate to miss adding!!!

The baby fur friends at the other side of the property are also doing amazing, growing like weeds as well and getting very capable and mobile themselves.

The week ahead is going to be kicking into a whole new level of BUSY around here! My days are consumed in the best way possible. My eager families on board are getting ready, excited, a bit nervous but plenty ready for their first visit in next week. They will be ready for you! All my best everyone!!!


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