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Pups 3 wks. old

It's been a week full of milestones, great growth, big voices, strong determination, a will to success and more than plenty of entertaining moments of play. The pups are even starting to look like real little dogs!

By mid week all the pups had their bellies off the floor and were trying with all their might to get around better than their near by sibling. The pups are packing on the weight which is great, no one is falling behind. Go little rockstars! '

I sit in their house and just stare at them as they squeak and grunt next to mama. Sola is head over heels in love with her babies. It's taken her 3 full wks. to let Meiko get remotely close to them but just the other day she let Meiko into their box to give them a snug while she plowed through yet another full bowl of dogfood (she's eating about 3x the amount she used to!) I do believe Meiko is just in love with them as Sola is. She was a phenomenal nanny to the last litter of pups here and will soon enough be an extraordinary mama herself.

Yesterday we crossed a few milestones on our way into the world of learning to be a big kid. In just a short 4 wks. the pups should nearly be completely weaned from mama and making the transition to enter your lives with a few lucky families. Their cozy 4 wall whelping box is no longer, it has opened up for more freedom for those little legs to stretch, grow and to strengthen. Food was introduced but it'll take another full week for them to really grasp the idea of what to do with it. Their potty spot was added to let give them an early start on potty training. It gives them an excellent concept that there is a designated eating location and another designated spot to eliminate. Soon enough pups will be brought outside to do their potty business exclusively. I have had extraordinary feedback on this method from previous adoptee families that were thrilled with the success that this brought and carried through with potty training in their home.

From here on out things start to get very hectic, chaotic and messy! It is all in the nature of a wee pup though and around here we really do roll with the punches.

We've had the pups outside very briefly a few times, mostly just to capture some good lighting for pictures. I try to get them out more and more from this point forward but it's been so incredibly cold lately that the shivers start almost immediately. Their house temp is now down to 65 from 72 which Sola is incredibly grateful for. With the combination of her dense coat, love of the outdoors and the body heat of 8 hot little bodies the heat, the rise in temps have been a bit challenging for her. Once the pups start moving around a bit more this week I'm sure everyone will acclimate as the time goes on.

Sola enjoys these few moments of sunshine that we've been having to romp and play outside in the frosty grass to simply be a dog not only a mama, even though to her I believe with everything I am, that is more than enough for her. She is crazy in love with her job but also loves the simple life of just being a dog.

I'm hoping the next week ahead brings a few skylights of heaven down upon us so we get outside a touch more to enjoy the wonders of the big wide world that there is to offer. Get these pups to dig their noses into the grass, their toes into a mole hill, give them a chance to eat some good 'ol fashion dirt like kids are suppose to and let them play like kids should. Enjoy the pics. and of course all the 'Space' babies send their wet sloppy kisses your way into your hearts as they await your arrival.


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