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Pups 2nd Week

So much growth so much change so many milestones crossed. As we flew past the 2 wk. Mark, Eyes flashed open, bellies came off the floor, legs gained strength and speed and their wee squeaky vocals got louder. Chickadee, Oriole and Raven are leading the pack weighing in at 2 lbs. 10 oz. which is right on track to where these healthy fat little babes should be. Wren and Robin and only a touch smaller at 2 lbs. 3 oz.

All pups are doing phenomenal and showing their eager drive to get moving more and more every moment. They are still a bit unsteady and wobbly on their legs but amazingly mobility already. Strength will come in only a few more days. When mama Meiko comes into their box the whole pile comes to life and just starts to crawl like an infestation! 

By the 3 wk. Mark later this week, I'll be able to adjust their nursery space to widen it just enough to accommodate their potty trays. We introduce these trays first and give them a few days to explore and check out this new surface. At this point, we introduce food. Such fun and exciting milestones ahead!  

For now we snuggle, nurse, snooze, snooze some more and nurse some more. Growing longer, plumper and more beautiful by the minute.  

Lots of outings these last couple of days because of the beautiful weather we've been graced by. Car rides were had and stroller trail walks were taken. Double sling cozy snuggly strolls were had daily. We even got out for a brief spell in the puppy yard just for a few moments altogether.

It gave the big dogs a chance to sniff and check out the babes at a distance. They showed interest but weren't captivating like the love of a full speed run in the yard does. Give them 2 more weeks and they are all in on puppy visits.  

This gorgeous weather definitely brings out the zoomies in the dogs and then straight to sun bathing the next. Under coat fluff gets brushed out daily as the warmth of our days shift their need to hold on to these denser coats. Isla blew out her coat immediately and the other dogs aren't far behind.  

Golden glitter flies in the air in every direction like seeding cattails in spring. 

We finished off our structured ENS work yesterday but will continue with our 10 step handling routine daily until they go home. This helps pup become not only tolerant and compliant to touch, but they grow to love this close connection so this can continue with their future families. 

Hands run over toes, work over faces, over ears and tails and lots of touch in general to make sure they are thoroughly used to being handled in every form.  

Music also got introduced this week even though ears won't open until closer to the 3 week mark. The moment this happens I don't want to miss the first opportunity to give them this piece of exposure. For now it's just a great addition to the nursery space for us all.  

All 10 families on board with us here with this litter are getting organized for how their lives are about to change ahead. Shopping lists get filled, fun toys get purchased in unnecessary (but extremely fun) quantities and podcasts and videos get consumed by the dozens. 

For some this is their first puppy, for others it's their first golden and for others is a continued love to add another golden to their home after a long relationship with their past golden finished its last chapter. Whatever the story, I love them all. The details of new love, long awaited love and continuing love all touch my heart to no end and make what I do a lot easier to let go in the end. I never look at these pups as 'my pups' I am blessed and honored to be the one to raise them and help guide them through life until they move on to their eagerly awaiting families.


All the families are mingling together on one platform now sharing their excitement, eagerness, anticipation, yes, also their worries and woes of how they are going to do this right. I ease nerves the best I can, send education, offer knowledge and sooth anxiousness. 

I remind them .. ‘Your puppy is doing the very best they possibly can, with the very limited education they have so far, in the environment that you’ve currently put them in’

They will get there with patience, grace, love, and time.  

Yes I nurture the nature in these pups which turns into confidence that shines. These pups will be ready as they head into these wonderful homes and I have no doubt that these families will help guide them from great pups to magnificent dogs just like these gorgeous past Meiko pups of mine.

So as things pick up speed around here and switch gears from slow and steady to pretty much full speed ahead in a few short days we send our furry love your way. Busy days ahead for sure but they will be filled with great love, close care, tight snuggles and dedicated time so confidence strengthens and wee little 'smiles for miles' grow. 


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