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Pups 2 wks. old

With 2 wks. Now behind was I sit with the pups in astonishment and watch them get their little legs under them as they migrate out in all directions. You peek in on them all piled up content and peaceful one moment and then the next as Sola slowly pokes her nose into the pile they instantly wake up and spread like ants in a disturbed anthill. Their squeals and squeaks are strong and rowdy more and more each and everyday. Their eyes are now all open and their ears are perked up as the outside world creeps inside. All the pups are hovering just under or just over 3 lbs. Now, hefty big healthy chunks. Their nails get trimmed regularly as they fight for lead position up to the milk bar. They are definitely strong willed and determined.

I got the opportunity yesterday to meet up with 3 of 'my' past pups from my last litter down on Mercer Island. They are now 6 mths. Old and looking stunning as ever. All very similar but with slight differences just enough to tell them apart so nobody would take home the wrong pup! They didn't quite have enough confidence to swim with the big dogs but gave it a good go. They all dashed around for over a couple of hours entertaining us all. It was so nice to catch up with these families, swap stories, exchange tips and tricks and just simply be out for the day. Hopefully these incredibly fun reunions can be a regular part of these dogs lives.

This next week ahead for these new 'space' babies will be another big jump in their progress. Meiko is itching to get her new 'toys' out of that box and outside running around with her. She was an amazing nanny with the last litter and is antsy to do so once again. It's been pretty chilly out lately but I am hopeful that by the end of this week these babes will at least have the chance to get their little toes into the grass for at least a few moments here and there.

In a short 6 wks. these pups will be spreading their little wings and making their way in to many of your hearts and homes. I can't wait to share them all with you very very soon. Until then enjoy the pics.!


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