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Puppy Nursery waiting for pups

The heat consumed us all this week from the outside in and the inside out. My kiddos spent hours jumping off of bridges at the local river hang out zones, running into friends who were trying to convince them that back-flips were easier than a simple jump. What boys will do when they get in front of girls, it's crazy.

Dogs lounged around barely wanting to go for a half mile walk around the property, looking up at me as if to say I was crazy to want to go for another lap. Laying in front of the fan after a dunk in the pool is always an all-time favorite spot. The garden screamed constantly for more water, the kittens asked for fresh water and the bunnies lived on their cold granite slabs. But amidst all this heat, we adapt, we alter and yes we also thrive. Soon enough the clouds will come in, the skies will darker and the open air will be filled will sheets of endless rain. But again we also adapt to this. The rain coats get put on the dogs, my hat, coat and red hunter boots (love!) get pulled on and we go for our walks anyway. Our property loop is hard to resist as the park vibe of it hollers to me constantly. The trees lower from the moisture and the sunrays speckle the ground so creativity I don't want to leave. Despite the rain falling around me yet again, we thrive. The dogs find immense joy instantly running through mud puddles or snarfling through the wet grass. The towering stacks of heavily used towels come out and the washing machine gets a second shift.

The chips in the dog yard orbit again as my dogs have this great love to try to find a bigger space to bury their sister... or 2. This week I think their accomplishment was seriously impressive and I was crazy tempted to see if 2 sisters could actually fit in their hole. I have to find joy in dirt, if I don't I'd drive myself insane. It gets a bad rap but it's the skin of our terrain and the one we sink our toes into that feeds energy into our being. Have you ever noticed that the word soil sounds a lot like the word soul? My feet, my face, my whole self is covered in soul. Makes me have a bit more love every day for soil when I think of it this way. Whether it’s the hot sun, the floating dust of mid-summer or the sheets of rain, it's all beautiful, all fresh, bright and gorgeous in its own way.

I shuffled in spurts this week from one task to the next, my mind flighty jumping from one time frame to the next. I added some new photos to my gallery for anyone who wants to take a peek there as well as updated Isla’s profile pics. Kids working full time, kids darting off to job interviews one moment and then back to river the next, going back to school and entertaining whether or not to go off to Alaska for further schooling (oh my mama heart!). Dogs with very heavy tummies waiting for the perfect day, waiting for long anticipated heat cycles, or setting up dog dates in between. (Meiko goes for another date with Silas on Monday! Yah!, cross our fingers!) My mind hops and jumps from joy to anxiety one second to let down to squealing happiness the next. I run, literally and figuratively at all times. My heart is heavy and ecstatic all at the same time watching my kiddos fly and my dogs smile at the heavens. I am amazingly blessed.

The nursery got constructed this week. Pulled out, cleaned to the nine, shuffled, organized and set up ready for nesting. I like to give my mamas a good week or 2 in their new space to rest quietly as they are in their home stretch. All the dogs were very eager helpers poking their noses into everything I did around them. I didn't have the heart to seclude them in the new puppy pen even though I built it just for moments like these. I cave easily. Here they are finding joy in the exact things I talk about, happiness in cracks, joy in being ok with being vacuumed, having me scrub the floor around them leaving a dog sized dirty space just so they don't have to move and curiosity amongst whatever I am doing... "ya what are you doing anyway?" They know full well something is up of course they just haven't figured it out yet. Soon my loves, soon.

Will we be graced with 8 wiggly squirmy babes like last time or maybe 9 or 10 like some of you are guessing. Sola seems a touch bigger this time round so we'll see. Healthy, big and chonky is really my only goal. She loves getting weighed (all my dogs do, they think it's the greatest game!) and has already gained 10 lbs. I’ll be at the ready whenever things shift for her. Shouldn’t be until at least Saturday and perhaps 5 or so days beyond that as that was her breeding window. Charting has started though so she is on close watch. In the meantime she is content, content at being drawn on with water by one of my daughters or watching her do water art on the mats around her. As long as 'her' kids are hanging out nearby then she is the happiest of all happiest clams out there. We wait patiently with her.

I found this poem this week and whether it was written for a human in mind or a dog, of course my mind jumps right away to a dog of course. Again I did not write this but I thought it lovely as this is how my heart feels towards dogs and I know for all of you, it’s the same way…Thought I would share.

We were meant to be One lonesome day God looked down from above, and he said "I can see... you need someone to love" Then, almost as if it was by God's design, you entered my life, and in time, you were mine. You brightened my world like the days of a star, and all that I hope for, is all that you are. My prayers were answered the day that we met, and as long as I live... I will never forget, that some things in life, I will never forget, that some things in life were just meant to be, and I'm sure that's the reason God sent you to me. So this wait for some has been lengthy and the ones who are waiting on Meiko *sigh* seem now to also be in the same boat but I say to all, it’ll all be worth it in the end, you and this pup ahead were meant to be. When that ball of fluff falls into your lap and those soulful eyes lock onto yours you know your souls will connect and you can say to him/her….”You are the best thing I have ever waited for”.


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