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With excitement beyond words... I bring you the immensely ecstatic news that Sola has finally welcomed her 6 beautiful precious babes to this world last night! Mother's Day babies!

7:30pm to 12:30 each and everyone of the Gem baby families stayed up with me cheering Sola on and sat on the edge of their seats at home watching photos roll in as each pup was welcomed to this world. Sharing the joy every step of the way last night was priceless.

Welcome babies!

Onyx - Boy - Black

Ruby - Girl - Red

Amethyst - Girl - Purple

Topaz - Boy - Yellow

Sapphire - Boy - Blue

Jade - Boy - Green

Each pup is perfectly perfect in everyway. Happy, squeaky, wiggily, healthy, strong and HUGE! all between 17 oz. and 21 oz. These families are NOT getting small retrievers, not even close. They will end up to be massive sized Sola look alikes, walking this earth like polar bears.

Sola did amazing bringing these darling gems into this world. You could tell by the look in her eyes she was just as eager to meet these sweet pups as I was. Sola loves being a mama. Not only are these 6 very lucky families also itching to meet these little ones, but I know many others are also behind this litter supporting Sola and all of us here. Thank you to all who set their well wishes our way this week, the best of the best vibes, blessings and encouragement for a smooth and healthy delivery. It couldn't have gone any better as each pup was welcomed in.

As I pamper Sola here today I will sit and take in the wonder of all these new little lives.

The one who will change someone's life forever, the other who will lift a broken heart and bring new love. The pup who will join a new family to make adventures oh so much better and the others who will be spoiled and doted on to no end. I look forward to finding the perfect pup for each of these families amongst this precious bushel of babies.

Once pups are on the ground, time flies by and is behind us before we know it. Oh the fun to be had ahead!

Speaking of what's ahead... I bring you MORE news!..... a whole new bushel of babes is on the way! No rest for the weary, no time to waste, no beats to skip, new pups are on the horizon. Brand new Meiko pups have started their journey to be welcomed into this world not even a week after these Sola pups go off to their new forever families. Meiko was gracious enough to gift me just enough time to switch the energy in the air from what will be mass commotion, back to quiet and peaceful for a few days. The nursery will not be broken down this time, just converted back to step 1. The transition will be quick but the excitement for new pups will be just as high as it always is. I am equally eager for each and every litter that comes to us here.

These new Meiko families I know have watched her previous pups grow up into darling little nuggets that have gone off to wonderful families. The spot light is now on them and on their journey with their new baby that is now on the way. May you watch this new Gem Litter grow and enjoy every step of the way anticipating what's ahead for you.

Needless to say, it has been an exceptional week. Nothing short of phenomenal as I welcomed in new life and helped to start a whole new litter of lives for both of these sweet girls and some amazing families that are on board with me here.


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