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On the home stretch now!

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your patience as I have navigated this past week and continue to do so with the week ahead of me. I know I'm a touch behind with this update but I'm doing my best!!!

So much has taken place and so many milestones have been crossed, it's all a sort of a blur at this point. I've got this!!

The Reindeer pups have soared past their 7 wk. old 'birthday' and are truck'n right up on their 8 wk. mark. the difference in growth, confidence and skill levels is astonishing.

Babies made a field trip out to the Vet Office where they graced their beautiful selves upon everyone there. They did amazing and most of them slept right through their exam! Another box checked off before these babies get to go home.

Lots of playtime was had this week and tons of confidence building was accomplished.

All these babies have come so far, it makes my heart combust at times.

Volhard Puppy aptitude testing took place which was a hoot to perform and interesting to see where each pup sat with their scores. No surprises whatsoever. Day to day interactions really give me much more input on these pups personalities but I still took all this into consideration as I puppy matched each pup to each family.

Meiko has gained back her 5 lbs. that she lost while nursing and is still gaining to add to her body score from here on forward. Her energy level has picked up exponentially and is rough housing right amongst the other dogs again like she didn't skip a beat. Look at Sola's face.... She is happy to have her back!!!

Here's a handful of simply cute as ever puppy pictures to fill up your cup. Yes, I am busy but I am also blessed... beyond words to be able to spend so many hours with this amazing bunch of pups and phenomenal group of people.

Many more hours of visits took place over the weekend where everyone was engulfed in puppy kisses and almost made their final picks on who was going to go home to whom in the weekend ahead.

While chasing puppies, juggling teenagers and life in general, I switched focused yet again to my other dogs in my program. Isla Nae is who is my gorgeous, sweet as pie Honey colored girl got to go on a field trip with me yesterday down south to complete her health testing. She was 'golden' in every sense of the word. She is sweet as all get out and loved the outing. If she passes everything the way I think she should, she will join my breeding program late summer to bring some exceptionally beautifully calm tempered pups by the fall. I'll be accepting placements for this litter very soon depending on results. SO EXCITED for her future here with us!

A bit of a short update I know, for that I am sorry!!! but time is short these days for some odd reason. ha!! By the time next weekend rolls around I'll have 'gotcha day' updated photos for you all and HOPEFULLY Sola news for the ones that are waiting for the next litter of pups. I can't wait!!!! Until next time everyone....


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