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Next Chapters, New Stories

Today marks a big day, a new chapter, a new story in our household so I thought I would send a quick update before we head out the door to jump over these massive milestones. One of my daughters is graduating from high school today and another one is graduating from College. Where has this time gone?! Where have these beautiful wings emerged from what seems like over night. I wanted to send all our love to you all before my mama heart consumes me today. Amidst all this bustle of the week we've been going through, I fill every moment with anything and everything that I possibly can. My days are always back to back but it's what I love and what I live for. My girls get their 'exit' papers as they head into a new chapter in their lives. Big goals, big plans, big kids on my hands. The dogs continue to spread their love to anyone and everyone in their path, it's what they do best and what I adore about this breed. I've had the immense privilege to chat with so many of you this week, getting to know more in depth your stories, your desires and your plans ahead. I am overjoyed to be working with so many amazing people.

As timing continues to secretly make it's own plans, I keep one foot in front of the other, strengthening plans, checking boxes and moving forward. As much as I want to sit back, let nature take it's course, I also want to make sure you all know I am doing everything in my power to support this process in everyway I possible can. I take a big breath and enjoy every moment of dogs simply being dogs. I can't lie though as I know these dogs have a great job ahead and have an incredible task on their paws to fill your hearts and homes with new bundles of joy. As much as a double litter is seriously daunting, I embrace it whole heartedly when I look back at photos of pictures of families on 'Gotcha Day' and the joy that washes over their faces as their new fur baby is placed in their awaiting arms. Bring on the babies!

I went to talk to another one of my most trusted Vets in town yesterday about heat cycles, timing, syncing and what we could possibly do to make sure we are still on the right track here. Another trusted source of info. never hurts and is always a good thing. She has been incredibly supportive and reassuring of everything that I have been doing. She has been so immensely supportive watching me grow away from where I started and working towards where I want to go in the future. She gave me more time than she probably could afford so I was over the moon grateful for every second. She confirmed even more the fact that intact female dogs more often than not sync their cycles up when living together. She thought back to all the breeding stock she cares for and couldn't think of one that weren't synced up actually, interesting. She said both dogs should be right around the corner. Let's hope so at this point! She also gave me a list of other testing we and things we could do in a months time though to cross all our T's and dot all our I's. Another appointment was made for this but hopefully one we will not need. Because I don't have my own stud on my property here (yet) there isn't that side of the hormones to help pull the girls in the right direction. The balance may just be off a bit there. SO I called a good breeder friend of mine that lives very close by and made a playdate for Sola on Friday with his males. From there he'll try to have us over as much as possible to add the male side of the energy to this chapter. I'll let you all know of course on how this goes!

My mind is at ease a little more as I check more boxes and support more sides. I hope yours is as well. Many of you are trying to make plans into next year, as we are as well so I am hopeful with these next steps ahead our timing will be more clear so plans can be make and hearts can be more set. Oh the joys of the breeding world!

Our Isla Nae grows into her skin and is dead in the middle of her gangly long and skinny teenage phase that always is super floppy and incredibly entertaining. She can't keep up with her body really, falling over herself all the time. She tries to keep up with Meiko as she runs with the horses or keep up with Sola as she runs with her squeaky ball. She fails at both but excels at what she does the best, keeping my legs company as we watch the antics of the big dogs.

As school comes to a close and the weather warms up, everyone is looking forward to the summer months ahead. More green grass to roll in, more puddles to splash through, more sunshine to bask in and more time to simply lounge around without a care in the world...while I wait on the doggies left and right being at their beck and call.

They really do have me wrapped around their paws. I really don't mind though as what they give to me everyday outweighs all I do for them. As they sit on the sidelines of the garden, pushing their boundaries of laying sort of on the side of where they are suppose to, I plant more seeds for the season, their presence just lifts my day. Plants are already starting to be harvested to feed to the bunnies, or added to meals. More seeds go in to keep this cycle going throughout the season. It's all part of our day here. The dogs 'Supervising' the growing of plants. They say they are getting pretty good at it.

The kiddos here bloom and fly, not here half as much anymore. Working fulltime, taking on new college adventures, hanging out with friends, and staying out till the wee hours of the morning. Oh the joy of parenting young adults! But my mama heart is proud as ever watching these young'uns succeed and strengthen their wings every moment. I will check back in with you all very soon but for now it's time to prepare for a couple of kiddos to fly the nest. I am overjoyed, overwhelmed but really just happy.


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