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It is with the greatest excitement and overwhelming joy that I get the pleasure to introduce to you all....

Meiko's 10 beautiful pups

Welcome to the world my little BIRD babies!!!

They arrived Thursday in under 3 hrs. flat right in the middle of the afternoon. So kind Meiko! Much appreciated! Meiko sailed through the delivery not even skipping a beat with her smile plastered across her face the whole time.

With each arrival her smile got wider if that is at all possible. "Look at how beautiful they are!" She is absolutely busting with pride.

 Wren is in green, Robin in Red and Finch in purple are the 3 girls.  

Chickadee is in white, Phoenix in orange, Magpie in light blue, Canary in yellow, Raven in black, Oriole in Brown and Sparrow is in dark blue are the 7 boys.  


Each pup is healthy, strong, happy, wiggly and down right perfectly perfect. Their squishy faces captivate me and every crevice is memorizing. My heart skips 10 beats as I'm lost in time watching them already skootch around the box like pros at only 3 days old. It reminds me how fast they grow and how quickly their time here with me flies by.

Already at the 3 day mark and their daily curriculum will be implemented already. Our ENS will start today, Early Neurological Stimulation. I am blessed to be able to tickle toes, cradle wee potato bodies, kiss fresh noses and sit and oogle for hrs. Each pile of babes that come in I absolutely get whisked away with full force. For the first few days I don't get anything else done as I find it impossible to tear myself away from this unreal pile of squeakers. Their singing hum of their squeaks and whines fill their space into every last inch of their nursery.  

The other dogs are incredibly respectful of Meiko's space and they let her know that she is safe and very well watched over. The dynamic amongst the other dogs when going through bringing in new pups is phenomenal to watch. The awareness shift is evident. The watchful eye is very apparent. The temporary removal of 1 dog in the pack as they tend to new babes is fascinating. I take advantage of the sunshine and sit with dogs a top their spools to just absorb this shift and watch the pack re puzzle together in this new way.

The window to the nursery is cracked open a touch and the singing leaks out just enough for the other dogs to perk up their ears and recognize what had just been brought forth. "When can we meet them?" "when can I play with them?" "can I help out?" You can see their eagerness to be part of this miraculous time all over their faces and wiggling inside their bodies.  

I run and play with them, give them extra attention and lavish them with plenty of reassurance that even though it may not be now, it'll be soon.  


The weeks ahead will fly by and before I can blink little fat bellies will be off the floor and strength beneath them will make them take off. Squeaks will turn into squawks and soon it'll sound like they are singing along to the music that will be played in their space. Each day will be filled with something new whether it be toe tickling, belly rubs, a short car ride or a drip of cold water on their nose. This will very soon turn into stroller trail walks, being roughed up by the other dogs, pool time in the sunshine and hours upon hours of snuggles.  

These little ones are smart as whips and reminds me daily at how much I can throw at them. They consume it all. They learn at a crazy rapid pace and prove to me constantly that I can keep the curriculum coming as fast as I possible can get it to them. So eager, so anxiously keen to absorb every task put in front of them.  

So full speed ahead it is. 3 days have flown by in a flash, 3 weeks will be gone before I catch my breath and before we know it these little ones will be flying the nest and finding their wings. 

What a great time for bringing home a new pup. The spring rains will have passed and the dreaded WA mud will be drying up. The April showers will bring May flowers and these beautiful pups will be flying out to explore the summer with their new families.  

I am thrilled to be able to share this next journey with you all. Every photo of squishy squashy perfection I send out with full love and immense bliss. Enjoy every moment. Whether one of these bundles is your future fur friend or a glimpse of what is to come for you or you are just here for the ride, I'm thrilled to share this all with each and every one of you.  

LOVE from Meiko, the rest of the pack here and now these 10 new beautiful babes.


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