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New pups have arrived!

Our 'Mountain' pups have arrived! 

I am over the moon thrilled to announce that we have 2 gorgeous big boys and 1 beautiful girl to raise. Welcome Everest (Blue boy) Andes (green boy) and McKinley (pink girl).

I was blessed 25 yrs ago with the arrival of my daughter on my birthday and now 20 yrs later once

again, the heavens shone down on me on this special day and blessed me with 3 very special phenomenal pups. All 3 babies are strong, all over 1 lb. fiesty, nursing great and doing excellent. Mama is also doing exceptional, resting up, soaking in the sunshine blazing through her window and loving every second of her very precious babes. 

The clouds have opened, the sunshine is coming out to dry out our surroundings and warm up this week ahead.  

New babes are cozy and settled in there nursery as I shift gears once again looking into next weeks round 2! 

Puppy count x-rays tomorrow and then more pups next week! My heart is bursting as I see these new squishy squashy potato babies wiggly and squirm, squeak and squawk, push and fight for the same position at the milk bar. 

You will climb high my darling Mountain babes, do great things, change lives and touch some very special hearts.


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