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Mountain Pups 3 wks. old

My Mountain pups are starting to realize they were meant for great things. You can see them waking up with eyes searching for further heights and higher goals. One wobbly foot in front of the other is how we all get through life and now my precious mountain pups now step out into this world one step at a time as well.  

Their world is still small and won't expand for awhile but the determination to start this next chapter is high.  

Bellies have come off the floor and 4 strong little big feet are now under their massive chunks of bodies. One lap of their box is conquered and rewarded with a flop and a long nap for their achievement. 

The 'chew my brother and sisters face off' game has just started as of yesterday and surfaces more and more every hour. Sometimes milestones are crossed everyday but often they are achieved every hour as I sit and observe them throughout the day. At times what they couldn't accomplish in the morning, they have figured out by the afternoon. The 'lightbulb' moment flashes through their eyes and you can see the mental switch that happens. It's amazing to watch really.  


The growth for all pups at this stage is rapid but for these Mountain pups is above and beyond exponential. They come from beautifully massive parents and then you take away the sibling competition because their is only 3 of them, you end up with growth kicked into high gear and full speed ahead.  

At this rate they'll go home full sized dogs!  

Our ENS work with these pups has now been completed but daily 10 point handling continues. Ears to tail, face to toes. Nose to belly. Hands run over every inch of them so they continue to learn to be handled and learn that hands are to be trusted. Relationship building has to have high focus so when these young pups go into their new homes they will have full confidence that they have a person(s) they can trust and rely on. Teaching and building this relationship skill now is key. My goal is to have all family members on board fully aware of how important this is as they start this amazing journey ahead.  

The week ahead will bring expansion as these pups will make rapid strides forward to conquer more everyday.  

Since mobility has just been tested recently and that 'lightbulb' moment has happened for them, they will take off. 

Their potty tray will be added in the next couple of days and this training will be in full tilt. 

Food will also be started in the next couple of days as well. The potty tray training is key to have at least introduced first before food. 

Food is extremely fun at this age but for retrievers the love of food never really leaves them. They are very food driven. 

The quiver and shake of excitement when the food comes out is priceless. The fat otter tails vibrating captures me every time. The messy faces and sticky toes is all part of the entertainment of this next chapter. Now let's cross our fingers that they take to the food/potty training combo quickly! They are such smarties though, most of the time this training goes fairly smoothly.  

The focus stays on how phenomenal they are doing and as for the potty training accidents and the addition messes, we'll just keep that all behind scenes!

Because really, when you sink your nose into these big beautiful pups, every mess they make melts away anyway.  


Car rides will continue, stroller walks will be welcomed with these warm glorious days. Meeting the other dogs has happened minimally but more interactions will happen soon as they get a bit more size to them. 

All 3 Mountain pup families got a bonus video call with the babes this week at I just couldn't stand not sharing them for one more day. Very excited families! 


Onward and upward my darling Mountain pups.  

These families are very blessed to have the great privilege of having you in their lives. 

May you continue to be loved there as much as I put my heart into you here.  

Keep truck'n babies! 


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